questionsso does this mean semi-official word of no more…


I think I've scored my last Batch of Carbs, unless I have a sick day when a "social media event" occurs.

Ah well. Que sera, sera.


The BOC during a Woot Off seems dead. Which is lame lame lame.


The recent method of giving away PoC through social media (email in response to a post on woot's facebook page or twitter feed) are considered "lotteries" and woot is required to publish the legal name of winners. I can't be the only person who doesn't want my boss to be able to google my name and see that I won something by reading facebook during my work day!


Yeah, they like to do it that way because it's almost-free advertising to all of your internet friends.

I'm very happy that I got my first boc by "cheating" in the pirate map thing. Doesn't look like I'll even have a chance at any future ones.

@neuropsychosocial: Especially that the thing you were wasting time trying to win was called a "bag of crap"


Primarily through social media is news to me, the social media person!

Basically, we're doing what we do when we can. We don't really have a set BOC plan.


I really hope not, though for the past 6 or 7 woot-offs (it feels like that anyway) we haven't had a BOC show up during the event. I really enjoyed trying to force my computer through the server lag just to find the Antechamber of Doom.


Well, surely there will be one during the thing, right?...Right?
"Could you pass the gravy, sonny?"
"Fetch your own gravy, grandma! I'm trying to score a BOC over here!"


I would hazard a guess that the BoC during Woot-Offs is on indefinite hiatus while the site is still "beta".
It's not like things went silky butter earlier this week, is it? No sense adding BoC load to the mix.

j5 j5

Has Woot become....

"That's so 2010????"


Hrm, I wonder if @colonelcrap has anything to say about this.


@agingdragqueen: Be honest...does woot ever have a plan?


My guess would be that with the introduction of the $5 all you can ship, offering boc's and monkeys at the same ol price might not be so good for woot's pocketbook.


I'm cool with it. I no longer buy things I don't need during woot offs because I'm not F5'ing the whole time. Probably bad for them, but pretty good for my wallet.


guess i'll never score another BOC if this is true.
I reufse to use "social media"
never bothered w/myspace, or Twitter,
Refuse to join the cult of facebook,
and have never even uploaded a vid to you tube.


@earlyre: I'm with you, right down the line.

Guess my woot-off days are numbered, too, since most of my woot-off purchases happened only because I got suckered into them (I have very low will-power) while waiting around for a BOC to show up.

Oh, well. Better for my budget, anyway.


And so...apparently BOCs are gone, unless they're promoted through social media. Maybe. What that means to me: Woot-offs are not longer the 'hook' they once were. You sit around hoping for one. Each time a new item appears, you groan. BUT, there's still hope. Maybe it'll be next. And so on. Then IT appears! You F5 'til the letters are worn off the key. Ah, crap! MIssed out again. And yet sometimes, you buy something while waiting.

That hoping, waiting is gone for those of us who don't partake in the social media sites. The bloom is off the woot rose. Has been gone for months now.

I admit that I bought 4 items during the last woot-off. Quite unusal for me. Most likely won't happen again. The BOC was a huge draw...the pursuit of it. The overloaded site. The whole thing was...actually FUN. Now the site goes down for no reason. Blag! :-/

It was excellent PR for you woot. Too bad you didn't realize that.


Most wootoffs aren't that great. The BOC, the monkeys, bacon salt and other quirky items kept it interesting. Not so much anymore and who wants to keep track of 5 or 6 wootoff sites at once? I'm burned out with the current format and I dont see it improving.
Someone forgot what made a wootoff a wootoff. 1 site, no social media and some refurbed sansas. Go back to basics and keep it simple.


@tatertot: Same I find with this last wootoff I didn't even bother pulling up my wootalyzer, definitely saving me money.


woot is the myspace of deal sites