questionschallenge: 1080p camera


It may be too much of a challenge to look for 1080p video. There's a lot more out there in the 720p world. The two big point-and-shoot contenders I know of in your price range are the Canon PowerShot S95, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 (but they're both 720p video).

It does look like Fujifilm has 2 point-and-shoot models that take 1080 video:


We already have one that does 720p. I am considering just updating that one because it seems to be that digital cameras for lack of a better description just wear out after 1-2 years. I think we are on like 7600 pictures since purchase and not sure on video count. If its out of my price range I will still look at it I am just hoping to spend just that much


@howdoesthatwork: Very intersting pretty good price too. That being said the bandwidth to support that and a service that will handle the 1080p is another question