questionsare there any games on big fish that are good?


World of Goo and Real Myst come to mind. There are probably others.


Depends on your definition of good... I have several of their games, but I prefer to buy/download from Amazon. BigFish's downloader/game manager gets on my nerves...I hate that it has to load EVERY time I play a game from them.


Plants versus Zombies. They used to have Settlers of Catan but no longer. I have gotten frustrated with them because they seem to pretty much only add Hidden Object games anymore (no fun when your eyesight sucks, last thing I want to do is be staring at the danged screen looking for hidden stuff). I wish they would add more strategic/tactical games and old fashioned family games like Monopoly, Life and Scrabble.


> Depends on your definition of good...
I'm more of a Doom kind of guy, and to me these really suck.
However, my wife lervs the Hidden Object Games that they have. She likes the stories, the pictures, and the not too hard not too easy challenges. Kinda like softcore g-rated chick game pron. If you have women in the family and they want to play not-manly games, get some of these.
Some of the games don't load or run right, but most do.


I've been playing Big Fish games for a long time now. I do like the hidden object ones, but you do have to find ones that have clear enough graphics to see. Right now I am hooked on Fairway Solitaire for iPad. Very addictive.
There are ones that have a story to them that are entertaining, like the Mystery P.I. ones or Ravenhurst, but they generally aren't ones you go back and play over and over again.
Yes, they probably do appeal to a lot of "chicks" like me. I like to switch to them after I play on Steam (Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, etc.) to unwind. That's right, us chicks play Steam games too!