questionswhat is the best way to see if old stereo albums…


I'd start with pinging @cowboydann!

I suspect he'll have some useful suggestions about how to find out if the records have any value or how to find a person/organization who might appreciate them if they have no particular financial value.


@neuropsychosocial: Thanks! Maybe he'll pop over and help. I have to admit that I'm a dreadful hoarder, so I suspect I'll never be able to toss these. I'm finding all sorts of stuff I need to repurpose, sell, give away, or toss, and I really need some help getting started. (I just came across a box of comic books that would make Sheldon squeal!) Onward and upward!


@slydon could be of help also. He is Woot's resident music junky after all!


@belyndag: Let's start by not ditching Jerry Lewis Sings quite yet; there are several albums with that title and all of them seem to be worth selling.


Where do you live? I'll come pick them up :)

Try Ebay Completed listings

and maybe

Those are just some quick ideas off the top of my head


Seriously though, I might be interested in taking them all, I'm always interested in hearing all different kinds of music


I sold off all my albums years ago at a local record store. If there is still one surviving in your area, ask them. If they don't deal in used albums, they'll know who does.


If researching the value of each individually is too cumbersome, here are some ideas:

-Get a record player and just listen to them. There's no better way to enjoy music, and you might just find some gems you didn't know you love.
-Frame your favorite covers and hang as art (they make record album frames, usually about $10 per frame but I've seen them for $2-3)
-Put a bunch in a box for the next BOC switcheroo
-Send 'em to me!


I've been selling on ebay sice 1998. lots of things. Records are hot and cold. If it's a Old Beatles Album in perfect shape it will sell. If they are niche records like "German Beer Garden Music" or Military Marching Bands they can sell too. It's the everyday stuff like pop and top 40 stuff that everyone bought over the years that won't sell. I've seen people buy the records, heat them up a little and make artwork or bowls out of them too.


If you're serious about getting them appraised, Might John Marshall is a dude who knows EVERYTHING about records and their value.
Chances are, you don't have anything of real value. But, you never know.


You'll have to look at them one at a time. Check eBay,, and just plain old google.

If there's a lot, it'll probably be tedious. But there's always a shot of having one or two golden ones in there.

If you don't feel like putting in the effort, see if there are any local places that can appraise the collection. If you can make a document that lists everything, that'll probably be a lot easier. Condition will make a big difference, but a list is a start.


@klynb: Wow! I never heard of that site, but it shows the one that I have, "Jerry Lewis Just Sings," got 32 Euros back in 2006. Bought by someone in France, of course. The album was released in 1956 so it is even older than me!

More research is required, although I will definitely have to listen to this first. It has "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody" on it, which I always loved. I see "Come Rain or Come Shine," too. Some of the other titles look familiar, but I'm not quite sure about them, I still have a turntable, and I bought a USB turntable a while back that I've never taken out of the box (I'm so ashamed), so I should probably check out the quality of these if I want to sell them. The album cover on this one is scuffed, but the record itself looks good, if strangely thick. LOL, DD refers to these as my "Big CDs."


@cowboydann: Wow! Great sites to us for checking. The weather here is dismal and I'm REALLY tired of de-crapping the house, so maybe I'll just sit around and look these up online. Thanks!

And I'm in Baton Rouge. Probably too far away for you to drop by and check them out, but if anyone is interested I will be glad to post a list of the ones I might not want to keep. You might at least find it amusing. Somewhat eclectic, but amusing!

BTW, I noticed a Crosby, Still, Nash & Young album in there that I'm definitely keeping. I somehow doubt that my late FIL bought it. His tastes were eclectic, but not THAT eclectic!


I'd say give 'em to Dann. BUT if you really care to, you could go on one of the sites above and see what they might be worth. Then divide by two or three and that's probably what you'll get. You could sell them yourself but record people are NUTS so that might be more trouble than it's worth if you don't know very much about what's etched into the run-off and where the inner sleeve was made and all that. So your best bet would just be to find a local dealer and be happy with a few extra bucks.

But Dann would raise them as his own.