questionschallenge: droid case conundrum


I have mine in a Zagg InvisibleShield, minus the screen portion - the Droid's screen is durable enough and I didn't like the look and feel of having the protector over it. It's not absolutely perfect - you do have to be very careful when applying the InvisibleShield - but it protects most of the phone and is thin enough that it can still use any of the docks - though I got a generic $5 dock and use the Dock Simulator app to get it to act like it's in one of the real Droid docks.


This guy makes something called the Mikradle that gets great reviews:

It will work regardless of what case you have on your Droid.


@chris12345: Thanks-- I'll definitely look into this! I should have mentioned, though, that I have a pretty serious case of the dropsies where fancy electronics are concerned. So a hard case option is still preferred!


@gionot: Yes, that's the exact case I'm currently using. It's great: good protection for the phone; nice grippy rubber helps prevent drops (see above); and the cutouts allow access to all of the right parts.

But the added girth of the even this (fairly slim) case prevents me from using the Droid dock I bought from Motorola (and a Moto-branded leather case I also looked at was no better, girth-wise).


@coondogg97: Just popped over to ebay. I agree-- those are awfully nice! The "don't fix the case, fix the dock" approach might be the right one in the end.

... But it still doesn't solve my GPS issue, so I'm still holding out hope?


OK, now that I think I have a better idea of what the problem is, my search shows you have a lot of company. Best I can find are products recently released by Seido that have a removable plate to allow use with a case.

Of course they want you to buy their cases
so I'm not sure whether they'd work with any other brand of case.


@gionot: Nice product, but at $49.95 (PLUS SHIPPING!!), not sure it qualifies as "woot"!

Not too long ago, Dell did a closeout on Garmin Nuvi 205's ( for $49, shipped!

Picky, picky.