questionswho orders dessert after dinner?


Sorry, I'm cheap. I'm not paying $5.95 for 1/18th of a slice of pie. I used to specifically hold back on part of the meal (and take the remainder home for another meal, of course) just so I could have dessert, but they priced themselves right out of it.

Actually, I think the last time I ordered dessert was a "flourless chocolate torte". It sounded good, so I said yes please, I think I'll have the cake (as it had been one of several options, I had to specify which one I wanted). Server: "No Sir, it isn't a cake. It is a torte." Me: "You may wish to look up what the word torte means."


Only on special occasions or while on vacation. Love to sample the cheesecake! But alas, cannot afford the calories on a regular basis.

I don't require 'gluten-free' but whenever I see it on the dessert menu, I know it will be fabulous. So, how was that "flourless chocolate torte/cake"?


Sure! If it looks good and I've got room, then I'll have dessert. Of course, it depends on the restaurant, my mood, the meal, etc. There are meals where I order only desserts, or only appetizers, or only a main dish, or whatever mix pleases me--whatever looks best at the time. I've never believed in holding to the proper order of the courses unless it's a prix fixe or tasting menu. Yeah, I'm ~edgy~ like that. finger snaps, head tilt, sneer, and VOGUE.


It usually depends where we are eating or if it is a special occassion. If it's Ruth's Chris then yes, I always have to get their creme brulee, or Morton's we have to have their hot chocolate cake. If it's the Cheesecake Factory, yes, though I usually get it boxed and to go. Other times I'll have a coupon for a free dessert (Chili's/Texas Roadhouse/Longhorn) and we'll get it and share it since it's free. Otherwise no, I'm usually too full from the entree to order dessert but if they have something really interesting I might break down and try it!


Not for years, for calorie reasons.

And once I started testing my blood glucose and doing a little reading (curious, not diabetic), I stopped everything w fructose (except whole fruit) and everything that really spikes blood sugar (including dessert and many high-starch foods).

So far so good, no ill effects. Don't miss the sweets, although I do remember the pleasure of them.

I do eat the "bad" foods on special occasions: as a guest, at a party, etc. Then the pleasure of the forbidden foods adds to the pleasure of the company. :)


We do on special occassions when we know for sure the dessert is awesome and still then we only order one and split it.


Almost never. Exception - Cheesecake Factory.

As it is, I sometimes order an appetizer or get a salad with my entrée. That means I usually end up not eating all of the entrée anyway. So why buy more food if I already have too much?

Honestly, since appetizers generally feed more than 2 people and I only usually go out to eat with my wife, I often barely get into my entrée at most places before I'm stuffed. Trying to hold out for dessert would mean not even trying my main course.


Not usually. On rare occasions, if I'm not too full, I'll go for Key Lime Pie if it is available.

As far as The Cheesecake Factory goes, we will always get dessert to go. Heck, sometimes we stop in just to pick up some dessert-to-go. And, by the way, the key lime cheesecake there is the tartest thing I've ever eaten.


These guys do.

Okay, I lied. They ordered dessert instead of dinner.

"Zappos Vs Woot: The Big Chompdown"

To be more on point:

I love Key Lime Pie, which I will only order in TX, FL, and other places where it's made with actual limes. I also love Cheesecake, and have shamefully low standards for it. Then again, I almost never eat out, so it's a rare and unusual treat.


depends on place. Most "chains" don't have excellent dessert, so I usually skip it. There are a few exceptions though. Then there are the mom & pop restaurants that have ok dinners, but excellent desserts. In those cases, I am not missing out on that. Quality of quantity.

I am such a dessert snob that I will drive across town to the other Culvers because the one nearby has too many ice chuncks in their frozen custard.


@shrdlu: I bet they don't order dessert ever again.

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Of course it depends on what they've got, if I'm in the mood, or have room. So it's not a straight forward Yes or No. When we do, my wife and I would share over coffee.



Speaking of real, fresh citrus: when young I rented a house s of Tampa, and a lemon tree grew in the back yard. It wasn't the usual grocery variety, the lemons got bigger than a guy's outspread hand, but they tasted like lemons.

I suppose the best use would have been to cook with them. But we were young and found them irresistable. We always played a cross between touch football and water balloons with them, until they exploded or got too squished to throw. Then into the shower....

And the local key lime pie was so tart and lovely...


No. Too expensive and too fattening.


Only if I am at my favorite local restaurant (The Cafe in Ames). They have the best roulade I have ever eaten. Anywhere else it really isn't worth it.


I usually don't, because I'm usually too full from the meal. One exception I will always make is at Copeland's. They have phenomenal cheesecake, so I always make sure to order a slice when I go.


Most of the time, no. Exceptions, if creme brulee is on the menu or bread pudding. Also, I've had Frisch's (Big Boy) ice cream cake for my birthday for 47 years.


Usually I'm too full for dessert, but if there's room and something I might like on the menu, sure, I'll have some. Usually the spouse and I will split one, though.

Regarding key lime pie: NEVER eat green key lime pie.


Small town, mostly local owned diners means homemade desserts.
And If I can't eat it there, I take it home for later . Nice treat, since I don't do much baking on my own.
I don't go out a lot , so don't have to worry about the calories getting me down. .

Or if out to a fancy restaurant on vacation. It's vacation ! So I go for it. As long as it is made by the pastry chef and isn't out of the freezer made by some food service conglomerate ! I always ask at any restaurant to make sure.


Not so much because they are never as good as you hope. One place tho has creme brulee(sp?) that they serve in a chocolate cup, yummmmm.


We will share a dessert after dinner if it is really special, i.e. freshly made on site and not available most places. I have cooked professionally much of my life and can tell you that most restaurants short of 4-5 stars do not employ their own pastry chef. Many 'better' restaurants still offer outside-sourced desserts, of which there are several national provisioners. Some of them are so good you will never know they weren't prepared on-site unless you are familiar with foodservice suppliers. Some of our local eateries have adopted 'local supply chain' policies in order to offer fresher produce, meats, bread and dessert. It's a great way to support other local businesses and save money in the process, and you usually end up with a better product.