questionsdo you use playon and/or playlater with your roku?


I use Plex for what you describe (streaming my own media via Roku). Works like a charm and is 100% free.


@pstrnutbag44: Thanks! Looks pretty cool.
I see that there are options to queue videos and access them later, but do they have a DVR-type solution (similar to the PlayLater piece mentioned)?


@sgrman05: Not that I am aware of, but I never poked around. I just do whatever is free. I can stream my entire library (audio and video) plus it syncs with iTunes.

FWIW, I am considering a lifetime subscription PlayOn/PlayLater as well for the lady. She HAS to have her Bravo!


@pstrnutbag44: haha, nice.
I was reading a bit more about it and trying to do a comparison between PlayOn and Plex and the main synopsis that I see is that PlayOn is "better for web content streaming" and Plex is "better for local media".

I'll install Plex tonight when I get home from work and check it out. I would guess (hope?) that the PlayOn reduced price deal will last for another week or two.


Don't bother with PlayOn, it doesn't work very well and certainly isn't worth actual money due to poor video quality, technical issues and general suckiness. As one review put it, "In the end, it's hard to see how you get your money's worth from PlayOn."


@sgrman05: Plex doesn't offer a DVR service, but if you use CouchPotato (Movies) and Sickbeard (TV shows) in conjunction with Plex it's as good if not better than a DVR IMO

I'm not sure the current status but previously Play-On wasn't an "official" channel of Roku's due to some legal question-ability of the service. Roku actively blocked 2 or 3 clients play-on had made so it was kind of a cat and mouse game for a while. Not sure if that ever settled down or not.


I've tried it, but you really need to have a powerful computer to stream the video. My ThinkPad T60 from 2006 isn't one, but I plan on giving it a shot whenever I upgrade to something that is.


@cybercowboy: Looks like you have to add it as an "private channel" -- there's tons that are offered that way. I don't mind adding it if that's all you have to do is go through the private channel method.
Will definitely look into CouchPotato and Sickbeard though -- thanks!

@smallbigtall: I saw that as a complaint from others as well, but that won't be an issue for me.