questionsare there any good, inexpensive slimline keyboard…


I tried a cheap keyboard once, and I got exactly what I paid for...constant frustration. Now I have the new Apple keyboard and love it. I wasn't sure about the "chiclet" style keys, but it takes all of 5 seconds to get used to it. It weighs about as much as Aerogel and, since the bulk of it is a solid piece of aluminum, it's...well, solid. Power management so it's got nice battery life, etc.

Who knows, maybe you'll luck out and get something great for half the price. In my experience, it usually doesn't work out that way. Best o' luck.


Slim, number pad, 15 dollars, and has a good average rating on newegg.


@hiiamstevie Thanks for the link. That's actually the same keyboard that I got from Amazon that had the crappy spacebar and the dead mute key.

@rprebel I love the chiclet keys on Apple's keyboards. That's exactly what I want and my problem isn't the price (I've found refurbs for as low as $20). My issue is the fact that the Command Key on a Mac corresponds to the Windows Key on a PC and the Mac's Option Key is a PC's Alt key... except the position of those two keys is reversed. The Mac keyboards also don't have Print Screen, Scroll Lock or Num Lock. This can all be fixed by swapping the Command and Option keys and remapping the F14, F15 and F16 keys to Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Num Lock but that's a bit of a kludge and can interfere with the Z-board I use for gaming.

Maybe I should write to Ben Heckendorn to see if he can build an in-line scancode remapping device. Heh.


@cloudscout: That helps narrow things down, but I still get stuck on a requirement: can you tell us what price range corresponds to "cheap"?

Several keyboard companies have re-mapping software for their products. I want to point at some Logitech models, but the ones I am thinking of are pricey.


@tpscan I guess I would consider $50 or less to be "cheap".


@cloudscout: Oops, I hit the wrong reply button when posting, then got a server error before I could edit it. When I was able to look, it was too late to fix. Sorry!

Take a look at my reply above, then looking at the list, sort it by price and/or best rating.