questionsi just got a wii, what are some must have titles?


Super Mario Galaxy and the Lego Star Wars series.


"Mario Kart Wii" and "Super Smash Bros. Brawl". I have stopped playing every other game I own because of those.


The Metroid Prime Trilogy is awesome. The Wii also has some fantastic rail shooters if your a fan of those.


Mario Kart Wii
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
.... thats all I ever really play on it....


-New Super Mario Bros.
-all of the old Zelda and Mario Bros. games (download from shopping channel)
-Wii Fit and/or Wii Fit Plus


Goldeneye. Re-live those N64 days of yore. Online too.
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Mario Kart

Check to see if a "Gamefly-like" account is in your budget and practical for your uses. Honestly 'x' dollars a month to try a game(s) to see if you would really like it/them is cheaper than buyers regret/remorse and only getting a small portion in trade-in credit at your local Gamestop.


I read the question as "What are some must have titties"

Thank you sean connery for that one.


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I always keep a spare copy of Melee in my desk.
You never know when you'll get called out.


Mario Kart Wii is the only game I would say you HAVE to have.

New Super Mario Bros is pretty good as well.

Other good games: Excitetruck, Super Paper Mario(I forget the exact name), Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Fit (Plus), Mario Strikers, Goldeneye, Just Dance(the girlfriend and my sister love it :/)


Wow thanks for all the responses guys :) @wootfast you seem like a prepared person lol


Lego Star Wars series and Wii Fit.


Kirby's Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey, Mariokart, House of the Dead (Any of them), Dead Space Extraction.


depending on what genres you usually prefer, the wii actually has a solid lineup of interesting and original titles. checking the user score in the second column can sometimes be more helpful and clicking the title will give you an overview of what the game's about.


I just got twilight princess AND Animal Crossing for $19.99 through a bogo sale amazon was having. Free shipping too boot.

It was posted here on deals.woot


I'll take Famous Titties for 500.
That's Famous Titles Mr. Connery