questionswhere is the best place to ski?


Ski Kansas. Beginner's only.


Depends on where you are, since conditions will vary, it's often a matter of how fast you can get to where the powder dump is...

For the northwest of the US and west of Canada, the no-brainer is Whistler.

Around Utah, I'd say Powder Mountain after a good dump. They're small, but man do they live up to their name. On an average, non-deep day, maybe Solitude.

I hear Las Lenas in Argentina is quite something ... been meaning to get there. If you do go to Chilean ski resorts next summer, watch out for pushy (literally) Brazilian tweens... La Parva is nice though. If you're a snowboarder, be aware that Valle Nevado has a bunch of T-bars that can be a bit worse than usual because they have a pretty steep/long ascent.

For the Northeast US, Sunday River is best on an average day, Wildcat if you /like/ narrow and icy trails (I know people that do), and, if there's powder, Jay Peak.

Oh ... and Sugarloaf/USA if you want to get your reggae on.


Come to Colorado and pick between 26 ski resorts. You can even cross country ski near the Continental Divide using the hut system, which we've done a couple of times, but take a group of friends to lower the cost per person, and for safety:


Mt. Hood.

And if it hasn't already been said.. "Snow." :D


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