questionshave you ever had a benign spot removed?


I had a spot removed from my back, it was benign and the process was pretty easy.

I came in, they applied some local anesthesia and put something similar to saran-wrap over it. I came back half an hour later and had the small mole cut out. I couldn't even feel it and the cutting took less than 5 minutes. Super easy, don't sweat it.


Just one, on my arm. (So I got to watch. LOL) Local anesthetic, ZERO pain involved but the pushing/pulling sensation is sorta creepy. Mine was a suspicious mole and he gave me 1 stitch so it would heal smoother.

Turned out to be non-cancerous...diagnosis was "an angry mole". Still don't know what I did to pi$$ it off to begin with.


Three: two on my back and one on my abdomen. All local anesthesia and completely painless. The two on my back healed with almost no marks. The one on my belly pulled its stitches twice and after the second time I just let it be (didn't go back to the doctor). It left a scar that looks very much like a .30 or .32 bullet wound. All that were removed were benign.

My sister has had what seems like dozens of things removed, mostly from her back. She had a general for one especially deep procedure but mostly she has had local anesthesia as well. Hers were not so benign, though they got everything.


my husband had one taken off his back and it was cancerous - they took a pretty large area off - like 3 inches and an inch wide for a 2 cm spot - this was to be sure they got it all - he said it was painless - have you had what's called a punch biopsy? they take a little piece and test it before whacking into you for what is nothing in the end - on the other hand, my dad is about to have a large portion of the inner aspect of his nose right by his eye removed for a cancerous lesion that was let to go and just got bigger and bigger - be sure to follow up ;9) best wishes!!

also, it's basically local lidocaine injection till it's numb, shouldn't feel a thing ;9)


The worst part was until you knew it was benign, the actual removal is easy peasy. Good luck!


Three times: leg (just above the knee), neck (just below hairline), and abdomen. I'm going to have a larger one removed from the top of my foot as soon as I can schedule it.

My son just had a spot removed from his heel.

They'll give you a couple shots of the local and wait about 5-10 minutes for it to take affect. Then the spot is quickly removed and bandaged. Done.


I've had a couple taken off, but they were frozen off. No pain, no scar, just a couple of days of keeping the area clean and bandaided.