questionswho has the most woots?


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Not sure about total woots, but I think @cowboydann is a front-runner for most woots in a woot-off. I guess that the only real way to know about totals would be to post a screenshot of your avatar....

EDIT: MIne shows 104, but I can hover over other black squares and they show "100+".


I don't think the triangle rating is affected by total woots, it is only deals.woot participation that impacts the triangle color. For example, I am at 269 woots and my triangle is not black. It seems to me that at one time woot had a 200+ public rating, but now it does not exceed 100+.


I'm actually surprised there isn't a top wooter list posted. Its a good business tactic to drive sales. There should also be powers granted as you buy more...special powers.


@jsimsace: Here are my milestones
First woot: 6/14/11 | 100th 11/8/2011 | 200th woot 1/19/12 | 300th 7/4/2012.

Currently at 346, Free shipping has made it a lot easier to get woots :P but yeah I'm sure there is someone with a lot more than that if I've only been here 15 months.


@nortonsark: Ummmmm....woots are reflected by the square, not the triangle. Not sure why you brought the triangle into this..... :)


@cowboydann: has been featured on six major global networks in news stories about the dangers of hoarding. :)


@cowboydann: Let's not forget your 530 (and counting) Quality Posts. I feel like such a slacker....I have 0 QP"S. :(


nah, Don't really have the hoarders problem. A lot of the stuff I buy are saved for last minute gifts or put on craigslist/ebay or sold to co-workers... The stuff I have in storage that hasn't been moved yet takes up less space than 5x3x4 ft and might go into Future DOCs. It's all under control :P A lot of it ends up on craigslist or in other peoples houses. or toys for tots. A lot of it goes there.

Usually I don't buy something If I don't think I can sell the other 2 to make mine free.

Also, Shooting for 600 before the end of the month. It's gonna be hard with me taking off so much this month.


@cowboydann: It seems like you should do a woot AMA.


Currently at 354. But it goes up much slower these days (post house purchase). Woot is responsible for a lot of happy Xmas gift recipients over the years, though. And the home.woot was a blessing now that I have a house.

And yes... I have a small army of Roombas.


my 149 feels awfully puny. Must buy more woot-off lights!


@cowboydann: If you don't get a Christmas card from each and every woot staffer, I'ma personally go punch them in the face. That is... well I don't know. It's something. :)


@fmp031000: "I'm actually surprised there isn't a top wooter list posted. Its a good business tactic to drive sales."

It's a business tactic, but personally if someone's bought 1000 things or just 1 I don't think it would have much influence if I wanted to purchase something.


@inkycatz: Totally agree! I do not aspire to be anywhere near the 'top buyer'. On any site.


When I was in CS I think the highest number of Woots I saw was probably somewhere between 500-600 and that was on a few different accounts (not the same people) and I remember them not being a familiar name from the forum. I think they were just power buyers, not necessarily Woot evangelists like we seem to be blessed with (BIIIIG group hug, y'all).