questionswhat is the best music to woot off to?


Not only is it the best music to Woot Off too, it's the best for general shenanigans and tomfoolery.


@ptucker2: You said tomfoolery ... snicker


I think a little Prince will be in the line-up. Along with slow dancing with my favorite @bruceoite. And did you know they just installed a stripper pole last week?!! Good luck getting @anotherhiggins off the thing! It does not help that @cowboydann keeps stuffin Empty paper bags in his bacon belt!!!


Well, here we go again !

I will ask the same question as I did yesterday,

How do I or anyone else, which do not have a Facebook or Twitter account

get into this site ?

Answer carefully, as the eyes of the Woot community are watching you !

I hope everyone who could not get in yesterday are waiting also !


@computiac: Sad to say, there is no way to join the site without a Facebook or Twitter account.

I understand if you don't want to sign up for those services, but more and more sites are using authentication methods like these so that they don't need to reinvent the wheel and have to control their user base.

There is nothing that says that you can not create a junk twitter account for the sole purpose of third party site authentication. You get to chose your own user name in Turntable and you are not required to expose what account you used to log in.

Hope that helps and I hope you will join us!


I'm rockin' The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Pandora station. Because it's AWESOME and free. And let's be realistic... I'm really cheap.


@klibecco: is free as well sir, and the music is chosen by humans, not some computer algorithm.


Showtunes. Always showtunes.
Broadway and proud, yo.


The theme from unsolved mysteries.
BC the next item is always a mystery!

(but also because i have a friend that can do a great Robert Stack impression and i just found all those episodes someone put on youtube.
This show was scarier than X-files for me.)


Some Blondie and Billy Idol, possibly a little Chumbawumba. We are wooting off--pull no punches!


@wootfast: That show used to give me AWFUL nightmares as a kid


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Veruca Salt - I Want It NOW!


@martmann4: There is never a wrong time for Tool! I think "Hooker with a Penis" (if I'm allowed to use such language) is appropriate while conducting commerce such as a Woot-off...


so what do we do when turntable goes down?!


that's been a looooooong 2 minutes so far....


What's wrong the "the theme for wooting off"? J/K


This seems good for woot offs just repeat over and over til your eyes pop out lol.


Turntable broke again. This is the worst thing since razor bread.


@ptucker2: OiteBot has restarted 1000 times now. I will be interested to see if she comes back up when TT does.


Spanish Flea. The best music to do ANYTHING by, from wootening to mass slaughter.