questionsshould shipping be included in the title?


It's easy enough to put the shipping costs in the text, and I prefer to have those extra spaces available for the proper title/subject line.


I am just grateful when people bother to list the price. There is already a box for that, and still, some don't use it. But I do think that you are on to something, with the idea of having a variable shipping option. That has been the sticking point, in previous discussions about this topic, and bears consideration. Sometimes it is difficult to find the shipping cost, without actually ordering though. And a select few will screw it up, even with written instructions, a personal woot coach, and a gun pointed at them.


A lot of the time, shipping cost will vary depending upon how many or much one orders and where you live. For example, if you find a great deal for a really cheap item and shipping and tax (if applicable) are prohibitive, then there might be other things on the particular site that you might want in order to make the minimum and avoid the shipping cost. If it is a flat charge involving no taxes (as is our beloved Woot most of the time), yes, it would be very helpful to have the shipping cost listed on the deal. I don't think it is a yes or no answer in other words.


@rprebel: I so wanted to answer your question, "Am I an idiot?," but I can't. Not because I think you are, but because as much as we, the users, offer suggestions/improvements nothing is implemented. Or even acknowledged. ...No matter how good the idea. Maybe you're an idiot, as I am, to keep trying. :-/

In answer to the posted question: Probably not. If it's free, check that box. If it's not, then put it in the text. Please! Since many people are confused about what 'Free Shipping' is, I think it's best not to confuse them further.

Imagined scenario: "What??? I have to post the price? AND, decide if it's free shipping? Or how much shipping is? What's variable? Duh, how should I know?" And then there are those that don't even mention WHAT the item is. Free passes to those posting their 1st deal. I remember that...not easy. Plus, I posted a dup. Wouldn't you know? :-|


@pickypickypicky: You said: "And a select few will screw it up, even with written instructions, a personal woot coach, and a gun pointed at them." And I sat here laughing my butt off! :-D Wish some of that butt would disappear - just got 10 lbs of Belly Flops today. Probably 9 1/2 left. :-p


@pickypickypicky: Sorry Picky but I need to disagree.

We already have enough trouble with people not clicking descriptions before voting and having a mob mentality. If we add the shipping prices to the title there will be even more great deals that will be downvoted by people too lazy to research. They will see shipping cost more than item and immediately deem it a ripoff, despite the fact that it's a 15 dollar item being sold 50% off for $2.50 + $5 shipping.

Edit: I also gotta agree with klozitshopper, it also has the ability to fluctuate because of tax and not all companies using flat rate shipping... but you have that kind of figured out with variable shipping...


@magic cave: Good point.
@pickypickypicky: lol. That is all.
@klozitshoper: As with most things, it's more complicated than yes or no. Got it.
@gmwhit: It's like voting. You know nothing will change, but you do it anyway. Who knows, maybe this time will be different.


@cowboydann: %50 off $15 is $2.50? No wonder you stay in the top 5 all the time, your deals defy the laws of mathematics!


Only if you have to pay for it.


Some sites (even some of the best ones) don't put the shipping costs out there where it's easy to find. Several sites make you go all the way to the check out point before the shipping cost is reflected. I always assume that any item that doesn't have "free shipping" indicated will charge for shipping, and I appreciate it if someone includes the shipping cost in their description, but if I'm interested enough in the item I will look for the shipping cost myself. Having said that, I TRY to include shipping in my descriptions, but don't always do so. When I don't, there always seems to be some helpful Wooter who calls me on it, er, I mean who posts a comment about it.


Free shipping should be used as an advertisement in the title (that's my opinion at least).
But, what bugs me is when companies that try and advertise for themselves don't even put shipping in the text when it's a definite flat-rate shipping - they often try and make it sound like an awesome deal without mentioning shipping, then shipping doubles the price. So they get a down vote from me.