questionsdoes anybody have any recommendations for…


I got one of the weatherproof e-reader/tablet bags from woot, and it works well. I've been quite successful with my nook simple touch in a standard zip-lok bag too. It should work for you as long as you are just using the buttons - not sure if the touchscreen would work through the plastic.


I have a kindle Keyboard and for the shower (yep I read in the shower :( ) I just use a gallon ziplock bag that I fold. change bags every few weeks to be on the safe side


I've successfull used my iPhone through a ziploc bag, which is what I use to waterproof it when I go out on a boat. However, for the children I just got iPads for, I invested in the Lifeproof cases. Ziplocs would not cut it for them. I noticed that they also have a floatation device for at least the iPad - which is pretty cool. That is much more that an ereader, but totally waterproof and submergable (I tested it with the test device it comes with). But the case costs more than many ereaders :(


I came into this thread to post a picture of a zip lock bag and be a smart ass... and then I glanced up at all three comments above :D