questionsis the secret ▲ club tag not working for you?


yeah, I think we lost the q tag a while back :(


The first rule of ▲ Club is you don't talk about ▲ Club.
The second rule of ▲ Club is YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT ▲ CLUB.


@pulsetv: I did not think that the ▲ club was teh secret as much as the tag and not the ▲ tag. That was my q uestion. ...but good refrence :)


I checked on a few of the "recommended" deals using the grid view. One was from April 22, one was from May 6, and several from the recent Jumbo meme.

Discussion on the 'reputation' algorithm is from January 2011.

Guess the functionality of the q tag is pretty much dead.