questionsdid anyone order the 40 pack hand warmers from…


Tell them you want 39/40 of a refund.

Seriously, though, send an email to and let them know of the problem. They'll straighten it out for you.


Hi! I think they determined this was a wide-spread problem. You're welcome to email into, but my bet is that soon, we'll be emailing everyone who ordered this item acknowledging our error and fixing things by sending the remainder.


Here's my post on the discussion thread:

The Tale of the Missing Hand Warmers

So, some of you are receiving your hand warmers and noticing that it seems a little small for 40 warmers.

There was some confusion with training the warehouse monkeys for these orders. We told them that ONE meant the box but they were busy throwing poo at us and didn't hear that part. So unfortunately, they're sending you one measly hand warmer packet instead of one box.

CS is aware of the situation and they are working on a Plan B to get you your remaining warmers. So hang tight and bear with us.


@thunderthighs and @agingdragqueen:

I didn't buy this particular product but did want to say how wonderful the woot staff and customer service is. I've never seen a problem that wasn't fixed quickly and the right way.


Uh Oh...mine are scheduled to arrive soon, I THOUGHT that shipping weight looked a little odd (0.4 lbs) considering those little packs are pretty hefty. LOL I guess I'll find out later today...