questionsmay i wish a merry christmas to.......


I'm guessing your safe wasn't secured to anything? Or was it and they just ripped it out of the floor or whatever. One of mine is far too large to easily move, but two others aren't. I should bolt them to the bottom of the cabinet where they are. One is under the bed (gun safe) so unless I want to bolt it to the floor (and make a large hole) I'll have to think of something else.

Otherwise, sorry that your house got broken into. Be glad you weren't home. I hope they also didn't make a huge mess for you (broken windows or doors and the like). I'm also thankful they didn't take the kids presents.

Anything to take away to improve your home security? Bad back door? Anything?

EDIT: Since they didn't take the gift cards but went for your safe I'm thinking this wasn't random. Your average house burglar would NOT leave anything as untraceable as gift cards in plain view. They knew you had a safe, where it was, and it had cash in it.


@wilfbrim: Good deduction. Somebody knew the stolen laptops, TVs, stereos or random presents? Somebody knew the location of the safe.


@wilfbrim: Safe was in plain view and not secured to anything. I kept telling myself to move it and secure it but that didn't happen.

Oh well, lesson learned the hard way as is usual with me.

Also, there are no signs of forced entry. No broken doors, windows, etc. I noticed a few days ago that the front door wasn't closing correctly. It probably didn't close right when I left and blew open from the wind. So open door, come on in anybody.

It's not the end of the world. The safe was just where I put my "fun money". So it just boils down to I am not going to be having any fun for about 6 months. When I get paid I put some in my checking acct (pay bills), savings acct (do not touch ever), and a hundred or two or three in the fun money safe. There was $1600 in the safe.

Just a minor setback. Instead of paying cash for my upcoming trip to NASCAR in Las Vegas I guess I'll just get a vacation loan from the bank.


@jsimsace: I think it was the maid in the parlor with the candlestick!

Just trying to bring a little humor to the situation.


@bill7718: I've never been outright burglarized INSIDE my house but I've had just about everything else broken into, a ton of car windows smashed in and stuff stolen from garages, etc.. well not "a ton," but more than any one person should.
So do you have any idea who it might be? Like everybody else pointed out, not too many "real" burglars would leave anything like you mentioned behind.

I'm sure you've already thought of this stuff and might even have some but a couple of things I did/learned after getting ripped off:

Put an ADT sign in your yard.. burglars don't know it's a lie :).
Get Motion activated lights.
Get Cameras.. they're cheap and everywhere online - a deterrent AND a possibility of tracking the bastard down if it does happen. Put the DVR in a safe place.
And most importantly.. If you get another safe FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN BOLT IT DOWN :). If I'm being honest though I have an unmounted safe in my room right now :)


I'm so sorry this happened to you. It's tough to lose that much money, but I would have to be relieved that I DIDN'T have to do all of that Christmas shopping again!

We were burglarized about 25 years ago. SOB broke out a window in the back of the house and took all of my jewelry (nothing expensive but lots of things that had meaning to me), as well as some silver and electronics. I was able to point out to the police that the burglar had used one of the toilets while there. He had left the seat up and, since we had a toddler at home, we ALWAYS closed the seat and lid. They dusted for prints everywhere and SAID that they had cleaned it all up. I discovered that they hadn't only after using that toilet in the dark. I don't need to describe that, I'm sure. Let's just say that graphite is tough to scrub off.

BTW, we leave our firebox unlocked because we only store important papers there and want burglars to know it isn't worth taking.

Again, I'm so sorry. this happened.


Aw, that's crappy. :(

Although it is weird they left behind the gifts, laptop and gift cards....they must have just wanted the safe for some odd reason, but what that is, I have no idea. I don't want to go trying to figure out some idiot criminals mind...might make me crazier than I already am, lol!~

Sorry this happened to you though :(


@baybei: I hate to say it, but this kind of crime is not unusual among young people, especially teens from middle-class families, who are just starting to use drugs seriously. The thief/thieves essentially stole money from someone they knew, but they did not steal valuable items that would require a fence or other methods to turn them into cash. (In other words, teens at this stage of drug use fairly commonly steal money from parents or friends' parents or neighbors, but they don't steal stuff that they would need to sell or pawn to get cash: they're not that "sophisticated" and still hesitant to break laws: desperate enough to steal cash for drugs, but not desperate enough to figure out how to turn a laptop into cash.)

@bill7718: my sincere sympathy to you. If my house were broken into, I would feel incredible violated. I hope that you reported the theft to the police, but most of all, I hope that your family is able to find some peace in your home this holiday season.


@neuropsychosocial: Oh. Well, that is pretty frightening! Fortunately, the neighbors kid who was into drugs never broke into our house then, but then he wouldn't have had much cash to steal! Maybe that's why he never did...

But the fact that a kid/teen/young person would resort to this type of thing just makes me sad. But, I guess that's what an addiction does to you. Glad I never went that route, I'd be pretty disappointed in myself to know I would violate my friends/family/neighbors to feed a fix! (I guess the disappointment would only come after I got help for the addiction though?)


Damn, sorry for your loss. It's creepy having your home entered by someone you don't know.

I agree with some other others though. It's someone you know and that knew what you had.


Well, guess what? I found out who it was.

I have lived and worked in this town for the past 20 years or so. I know and am friends with the good guys and the bad guys. So, last night I visited a few of my bad guy buddies, told them what happened, gave them a 12 pack of beer, wished them Merry Christmas and asked them if they hear or see anything to let me know.

This afternoon the reports came in.

Two dopers that have no job, never have any money, were seen last night around town buying beer and drugs and flashing 100 dollar bills. This was confirmed from more than one source. I'll have their names and address probably on Wednesday.

Right now I just know they live about 2 blocks away.

As for the good guys I know; the chief of police (personal friend) and the head detective (family friend). I have scheduled a meeting with them as soon as I find out the names and address. So I have the number 1 and 2 guys in the police dept on my side.


(continued from above)

The money is gone. That's a given. But I am delighted to know that the police are going to put pressure on these guys. They should be taken off the street hopefully in a matter of days after I meet with the Chief and Detective.

As far as I am concerned. Case Closed. It's time to move on with my life.

Lessons learned from this. Always lock your deadbolt. Never ever leave a large sum of money in an unsecured safe and make sure your damn door is closed when you leave.

Thanks to all who added an answer. I just posted the question because I needed a place to vent.

Merry Christmas!