questionsguess who got the coolest welcome home gift ever…


Three Woot! 2012 calendars
Plants vs. Zombies T-shirt
Procrastination University T-Shirt
Faux fur vest
Gel Case for iPad Mini
Justin Beiber trading cards
4-pack of battery operated tea lights
JBuds J3 IN-Ear Earphones
Shark Freestyle Classic Shark Watch (Great watch! will be wearing daily)
Phantom S107 mini R/C helicopter
PLip Plop flip flops
Mexican Train Dominoes
Vanguard Spirit Plus Binoculars
SteelWorks Metro Mug
Got Milk? cup, cow and flavored straws
Tyke Light WallMate
Motorola Cordless phone with answering machine
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (Soooo nice!)
Elenco Flying Saucer Kit
Huffy Sports inflatable Volleyball net
The legendary BOC koozie


That's an awesome welcome-home present. Congratulations on your swag.


[Would have edited this into my previous post, but I missed the deadline.]
Btw, did you ever find @moondrake's jewelry at SDCC?


@msklzannie: I did! She has some great stuff at prices that are low! I bet she could get at least double for her stuff. Her stuff was displayed on a large board, down an aisle that most people walk through first so it was pretty visible.


Oh wow. Feeling a bit jealous now. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome home ! Great crap !


Wait... they sent you old calendars?


You got to go to Comic Con AND you got a free BOC?!?! You win!!!!!

(Sooooooooo jealous!)


Hey, buy me a lottery ticket - you are on a ROLL!

vote-for2vote-against paid for the BOC, right? Or did they just send it out of the blue?


If you paid for it as part of the birthday party, you should really post it here:
You know, instead of rep-farming on deals! ;)


Thanks for looking. It's great to hear that it was well-placed. Hopefully I had some good sales. I have been slammed with unexpected vet bills this year which have drained away the money I had set aside for property taxes, so it would be great if the art could pick up the slack. I am glad you liked my work. I know what you mean about fun-but-exhausting. ComicCon is one of those vacations that leave you needing a vacation. Congratulations on your surprise welcome-home gift.

@msklzannie: Thanks for asking on my behalf. :)


@bsmith1: I'm guessing it was not paid for, a gift from woot like the others posted in this thread:

I think the helicopter was supposed to go in mine. I got your second set of Bieber trading cards. Fair trade.


@lichme: Oh, I see. Enjoy your free crap!
Gee whiz. How many more nude pics do I have to send the woot staff before I'm added to their favorites list?


Congrats on your crap!! I'm going to post a link to this in the thread @lichme posted.
Also, if you want to post a picture here in DW, just post a pic link that ends in a photo file extension (jpg, gif, png, etc.)

Great haul! Congrats! So... did you buy any of her jewelry? Or just admire? If you bought - I would very much like to see!


@bsmith1: this awesome gift was sent out of the blue, I did not pay for it.

@thumperchick: thanks for letting me know, I think I was trying to make it more difficult than it is.


@conanthelibrarian: Congratulations on your surprise! What a great collection of crap!


@bsmith1: I expect he got it the same way I got mine: for free, and totally out of the blue.


Add me to the jealous group ;) Great haul. Share more about ComicCon when you get caught up?


@justagigilo85: Dude, we call it crap for a reason.


Glad it got there, @conanthelibrarian! Thanks for being part of what makes Woot a groovy place.


@moondrake: did you see my pm from yesterday? I did a quick run down of your sales.


@gatzby: thanks for everything! I just finished setting up the phones.


@conanthelibrarian: Dang I went to woot this morning and for the life of me could not figure out how to find if you had PM'd me. Why do they make it so hard? I'll look for a tutorial.

Time passes....

No tutorial, but this time I made my perception roll. Not as many sales as I had hoped for but good prices. Great to know the pearls sold as I was debating making more for San Antonio but didn't want to overstock if those came back. Thanks so much for taking the time!


@pattiq: I had a blast! Thursday started with me walking the floor and buying tons of stuff. Saw the new teaser to spiderman 2 and went through the Enders game experience which was a lot of fun. Thursday night i went to see eric andre and donald glover stopped by to do a surprise set.Friday I hit up the zoo (wanted to see the new panda cub) then headed to gas lamp district to hang out with will Wheaton and Felicia day in the geek and sundry lounge. I could not believe the two of them were just hanging out, playing table top and spending time with fans.



Saturday I went to check out draculas crypt (show looks so good!) and got my pic taken in the Grimm spice shop. Went to king of the nerds cereal bar and got some chocolate soft serve from the mr. Hanky ice cream truck. Checked out the sega game lounge then off to see the Nerdist podcast with guest Matt smith. Sunday I was back on the floor buying more stuff and the went to teen titans go! Panel. Mixmaster mike of beastie boys fame did a mini set which was incredible. Sat though beware the batman panel to see under the dome panel. They played tonight episode and answered questions. I'm leaving out tons but it was just so much to take in. It was an amazing experience and hope to go back next year


@moondrake: To see a PM go to woot proper, click on the community link then look to the mid-upper right. There is an envelope icon there and if you have a PM it will have a number inside, possibly outlined in red.... I will send you one in a few.