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From my experience, your body will eventually get used to it. A few years ago, I accidentally used WAY too much of a couple of hot sauces (separate occasions). One was that rooster hot basically fell out of the bottle and I ended up with three times as much as I normally use.

Another time, I decided to put three drops of Widow on a 6" sandwich...big mistake. I was on fire for a good two hours, no matter what I ate or drank.

I occasionally get a "disagreement" from spicy food, but just keep at it. You'll adjust. I don't know where you were before, but habaneros might be a relative jump, so your body will be more resistant.


Sadly, that resistance also sometimes fades with age. My best friend is Hispanic and has eaten spicy foods all his life,. But now that he's in his late 50's, it disagrees with him more every day, to the point where he pretty much just avoids chile. Most of the problem in his stomach and further along the line. I mostly grew up in the northeastern quarter of the US, so I didn't encounter chile till I was an adult, but I love it. I have a strange and highly unpleasant reaction to red chile, but I eat my weight in green chile on a regular basis. I've had fresh green habanero on a ranch in Cozumel and the flavor was delightful. But living right next to New Mexico, my true love is fresh roasted Hatch green chile.


Ring of fire is a known hazard when you're eating habaneros. I'd like to tell you you get used to it but you probably won't. Just consider it a not so great end to a great meal. Just think about how much more capsaicinoids you're consuming vs. a meal with jalapenos or something similar. More hotter equals more burn. At least it's fleeting though.


You might try an application of olive oil to the accessible burn. It helped a lot when I got jalapeno oil inside my nose and in the corner of my eye not long ago (I could have sworn I'd gotten it all off my hands but apparently not). The olive oil dilutes the capsaicin.


Have bread pudding for desert -- at least when experiencing the ring of fire, you can be looking forward to and praying for pudding :)


Your body doesn't actually break down the capsaicin in the peppers.
What burns going in will burn coming out.