questionsapril fools joke or way to piss-off the linux ps3…


... I don't think they're joking, I think they just have poor timing.

I hope they're joking, though.

Do you think this is going to affect the researchers who use PS3s as a cheaper alternative to a supercomputer? I know it's not that uncommon in labs that do molecular modeling and the like, and they all use the Linux OS.


I think it's real. I saw an article on ZDNet the other day to this effect ( Apparently, the guy who made his claim to fame by jailbreaking the iPhone has published a method of taking control of the console’s memory read-write and HV processor access functions via the Linux feature... thereby spoiling it for the rest of us.



@lissadelsol: yes, it will affect any machine which upgrades to the 3.21 release. it will essentially render those supercomputers useless as the update will kill the OS completely (according to the Sony post).

@heymo: i think it's real too given all the uprising i'm finding about the news. the hacker says he will find a way to allow the OS to live on:,10023.html. it took the guy over 3 years to hack it! and, from the screen shots i saw of the hack, it was a spaghetti mess with the PS3 opened and spread out all over the place. for the hack to work, you'd have to be pretty set in place about cracking open a PS3 and doing the business of soldering and other monkey business. while i'm not opposed to simple hack methods which don't modify the hardware, his hack was proof of concept more than anything else. to be honest, any code based application or hardware (geez, any non-computer item as well) can be hacked!


I don't even have a PS3, but I just happened to notice a story about this on slashdot. Some people think it's legit....