questionswhat's worse in traffic; being behind someone…


Brake lights always on. Broken brake lights can be fixed, but stupidity is permanent.


No brake lights. I have almost hit so many people because of it.
It's a bulb that cost maybe $2-10 for a pack of 2. It's cake to swap, DO IT!


No brake lights is definitely worse than having them always on, at least when they're always on, you're a bit more mentally prepared for them to stop. If they don't work at all, it's the same as a surprise and when they have a sudden stop in front of you... congratulations, you've just rear ended somebody.


i agree you can at least expect the constant braker to keep on braking, but the broken taillight person could cause me to hit them. sometimes i drift into daydreams when i drive, but i always use people's lights to gauge distance and form my comfort zone.

i would also just change lanes and give them a dirty look as i pass. if i'm stopped next to them, i'd tell them nicely "for their own safety"


No brake lights is definitely worse! You don't realize how helpful they are until you are going 10+ MPH and not realize the person in front of you is at a dead stop


@sykotek: In Texas if you rear end somebody, then it's automatically your fault. Even if they brake check you or something like that.