questionsdo you go all out for halloween?


I grew up living in the hills outside of town. So, I never got to decorate for any holiday since there was no point.

I purchased a home in 2007 and have slowly but surly been collecting decorations. I typically go out and buy what I can the day after Halloween for the discounts.

Unfortunately I also have a budget, so I can't go all out.

I'd be very interested to see what other people do and if it is easy on the wallet.


I'm hanging a dummy from my tree and dropping down when people walk near my house this year


I love decorating for everhything, i dont like going to some the above named places i like different things and fun i started a decor site that i get most my things from (mod edit: advertising) but what i cant find is i have a light up spider web that i hang from poles on my porch and i need a new one anyone seen one ?