questionswhere can i get a replacement tank lid for my…


My experience trying to find the same thing for an older American Standard was that I just couldn't find them. Granted, it was 50 years old, which is a bit more challenging. I scored one when a neighbor was remodeling their house. Scrounging is not a reliable method, but it does work.

You could always try Craigslist wanted postings. When I did that, a couple of people pointed me to various resellers of used building supplies. If you have such stores in your area, it's worth a call. Also trolling CL materials and free sections might get you what you need.

One alternative suggestion would be some sort of nice tank cover or topper that hides the damage.


I wish you luck. We looked all over for replacement parts on ours and couldn't find any.


If you are handy at all, make a nice custom one out of oak or something.


Thanks, gang. That's what I was afraid of. The cover/topper idea is pretty good. Out of sight, out of mind!
I'm not handy enough with wood crafts to make a custom one. Plus there's always condensation on the underside of the lid, so I don't see a wood one lasting terribly long. When we sell the house, I'll have to replace the toilet or just hope potential buyers don't look under the cover!


Just about every area I have resided in has warehouses that sell bits and pieces both large and small of items recovered when homes have been demolished or major renovations have taken place. A Habitat for Humanity Retail Store might also have one. Just keep it in mind, and when you pass by some of these establishments, drop in & ask if they have it or will call you if they get it. Can't hurt.


Call some local plumbers...they replace toilets often and might have lids. Also, try home centers and hardware stores...often they will receive toilets that get damaged in shipping and might have some.


Check online with, they have thousands of old and new toilet tank lids, they probably have the one you need.