questionswhat's the site that alerts you of price changes…


There was a great site for that called "decide" or something like that, but someone bought them out and shut them down.

This is a tracker for prices on Amazon maybe that will help.

I'm bummed about the other site. I erased the bookmark when they disappeared, so that's why the exact name eludes me.


@ceagee: That was it. Too bad it was good. I'll check out the Amazon link you gave me. Thanks.

Check this out: they were bought by ebay.


@minkeygirl7: I'd never heard of them, but having watched their "good-bye and thank you" video, I wish I'd known of them earlier. Now I just hope that eBay doesn't just swallow them up and digest them into oblivion. (And thank you for posting the URL!)

vote-for4vote-against is the one I know of. You can get emails sent when the price drops on something you are interested in. I think it works for Amazon, Best Buy, and NewEgg.


@pitamuffin: That's the one I signed up for through Amazon. The other one pulled info from a bunch of places.


@minkeygirl7: There's also I've used them to track toys, but haven't used them for electronics. Might be worth checking out, though.

vote-for1vote-against has always been good for electronics and all kinds of tech stuff. I even found the best price on a replacement dlp bulb for my son's tv.


@keystone: If you're looking for say a 39" at a certain price it will show you those but unless I'm using it wrong, I can't enter the specific TV I'm looking for to find out if there are any price changes. was great for that.


@minkeygirl7: You can search by specific model or by features including price. I just looked up a specific model for a friend who was out shopping and wanted to know if it was a good price on the tv she was looking at. Turns out she could save another $200 at Amazon. ;-)


@keystone: Thanks. I had just typed in the name and size but not the specific model. It's probably staring me in the face but I can't' figure out how to set alerts? Or do I have to keep going back to check? And if so, how do I set up things in MY PRICEWATCH?



@pitamuffin: Well, it came in handy today. I was looking at wireless printers yesterday and the one I wanted was around $135 or more depending.

I just bought it for $69.99! Even posted the deal

Thanks for helping me spend my money on something I didn't really need.