questionswhere's the best place to buy foam? (closed cell…


you can try I have used them for shipping materials in the past.


@adamasp: I've also used several times; they're quick, and their prices are usually among the best.

The Spouse laughs gently at me when I'm on their website: they have so many totally interesting things for which I have absolutely no use but which I want to buy anyway, just 'cause they're cool looking.


I recently restored a framed yard swing and found that brand new closed-cell foam is really expensive. While I was not looking for the type you requested I did find out some sources:
• Upholstery shops & suppliers, including marine & RV suppliers
• Packaging & shipping suppliers (local may save you shipping $$ over ULINE)
• Thrift store/yard sale furniture - make a lowball offer for stuff that has foam cushions, then scrap everything else.

Good luck!


Thanks to everyone for the advice. I contacted Foam By Mail (Foam Factory) and they sent me a bunch of samples of foam at no cost! I examined all of them and decided to get cross-linked polyethylene.