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And what deal was that?

If you'll supply some more details, I'll be happy to look into it for you.



@jumbowoot Thank you for all your help. I've been a fellow wooter for quite some time and today was the first time I'd ever posted a deal; I was quite upset to find it deleted shortly after. Now that the deal is up and living again (even if it's not in my name) all is right as rain! So everybody quit reading this thread and get back to wooting! ;)


@erikhodges07: I'm glad you're happy. Thanks for not being too upset I hijacked your thread with silliness. :)


@chris12345 truth be told, I'm just happy that I didn't get flamed off the island for posting in a sleepy rage at 8am this morning. I'm a college kid, waking up before noon is like partying with your parents. Sounds great in theory, but after a few hours you start to stumble around and act a fool.


@erikhodges07: So I'm assuming it was the WD Caviar Green for $109.99.


@jumbowoot You are correct sir. I was so stoked that finally a reasonable price existed on that drive, I've been needing to get a new one since I filled my current 1TB drive up with zombie apocalypse survival guides.

S - Stop
T - Think
O - Observe
P - Plan
K - ......kill zombies

(I modified that military acronym to better suit the situation. It's a work in progress.)


Acronym fail: When the first letter of the acronym is the acronym itself. Now having said that,
A- Acronyms
C- can
R- rarely
O- overtake
N- nonliving
y- youthful
M- Michael Jackson Zombies


@erikhodges07: Partying with my parents does not sound great even in theory. Don't get me wrong. I love my parents. But just... no. No, no, and no.

Mind you, I wake up at 3am every day and go to bed at midnight, so don't take my word for anything that may have some tangential relationship to sanity or reality.


@wootfail It's a macronym..

@jumbowoot I just had another post deleted, about a tri-console bundle!! Today is not my day.. D:


@tygerdave mother of god.... apparently i'm just a scrub when it comes to searching for duplicates. sorry to inconvenience everyone! again.


@erikhodges07: sometimes it helps to search for the website the deal is coming from to check (make sure you hit most recent on the sort otherwise you will see the oldest stuff first). Then the item itself, if nothing shows up. Not everyone posts deals the same way. you aren't the first person to think they haven't posted a duplicate so don't beat yourself up.


@erikhodges07: Yeah I've been trying to figure out how to justify that purchase to my wife. I searched by site because I knew where it was, as @hobbit said it's almost always the most reliable way :-)


@erikhodges07: Sorry, I may have been the one to tattle on your console-bundle deal as being a duplicate... I've been closely following the first one because I'm really curious how legit the deal is in reality - I wouldn't want any of my fellow Woot!ers to get scammed on something that pricey, and because I'm interested as well...

I'll back @tygerdave and @hobbit on the search method using "most recent" results - that's how I do my own searches to make sure I'm not creating a dup of another deal, in addition to the built-in Woot check.