questionsthe old woot's gone. now what?


As long as I can find good products at a good price, I am happy. Woot provides that.


“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to have changed alot.” -Churchill

That said, I completely agree with you.


@morriea: I agree w/you in some cases. But, as others have mentioned, some of woot's deals simply are not that big of a bargain. Some 'woot' deals are no less than those on Amazon. Or elsewhere. I purchase wine, have found really great deals elsewhere. Not sour grapes, but reality. If woot (et al) has the best deal, I'm in for it. It seems to be elusive recently.


I'm not trying to be rude in any way, but I feel that our voices are not being listened to, much less heard. It's going to be "their way" or "the highway". "Do or do not. There is no try." :)


@jsimsace: Our voices are being heard LOUD and how we spend our time and money here. WOOT! will not keep changes that are not profitable, and nor should they.


I miss Sansas.The intrigue is lost. I feel like following @snapster out the door.

Wonder what's next? Are there other sites with this kind of community participation?

Still pouting.


There are things I miss about the old woot for sure. I miss the relative simplicity of the page compared to the busy mish-mash currently occupying the space. The front page had everything you needed to know about the deal in one place. Woot-plus is an adequate idea, but it's a bit like having the Moofi site splashed all over Woot all day, all the time.

I wish Woot-plus were more limited in scope. 3+ extra deals per day per site is overkill. It really dilutes the brand and concept. "One deal a day" is meaningless at this point. Previously, it could be argued that "One deal per category" was close enough. Now it has devolved into 18+ deals per day. Just like Ben's Outlet

On the other hand, sport.woot was an idea whose time had come. There's still space for office.woot (desks? chairs?), meat.woot (bacon! steak!), guns.woot (guns! guns!), and cars.woot (crap old cars that pass emissions! The BOC would be fun!)


I have had the ongoing IPad issue where I can not up/down vote any comments... I initially contacted them about this a day after "Woot A.D.". I never had any issues using my IPad in "Woot B.C.". I figured they were busy so I cut them some slack. I never received a response. A week and a half later I tried again to let them know what the issues were (and I know I'm not alone since I have seen others complain too) but to this day still no response... Sniff sniff, it makes me feel unimportant. The contact site says someone will get back to you in 24 to 48 hrs...weelll, not so much... It has been more like 240 to 480 hrs.

The point of the anecdote? Is this the type of business as usual we can come to expect from here on in? Boy I hope not...


As long as Deals stays the same, I'm more or less happy.


@captainsuperdawg: I'm with you, dawg. I rarely pay attention to the other sites.


as long as i can find my favorites at a good price, i appreciate.


Well I guess life goes on, I mean it's a deal website and they are trying to make as much money as possible, I would do the same thing so I can't hate. It's sad that the quirky, super unique website that we all loved is now gone. I will stick around for awhile I guess, just to see what happens


I really like the way the new page looks AFTER you click the title of the product (where you see the write-up, features, etc...). That should be the default page you see when you go to Woot!'s homepage. Make Woot! Plus a new sub-site if you want, but they need to improve the homepage.

I'm fine with all of the categories, as long as they remain one deal a day. Any more than that and I would agree that it's too much like Amazon for my liking.

The main point is that as long as they offer good products at discounted prices, I'm in.


At this point, the only things keeping me here are
A) Shirt.woot
B) Woot's videos (which I am subscribed to on Youtube, so I don't really need to count this one)
C) You guys. The deals.woot community.

Other than that, I could see myself easily getting bored with this website soon... It's become painful to watch this transition.

(Also, the fact that my financial situation has changed in recent months makes it harder for me to get excited about deals anyway, but that's besides the point)


Grieve, then remember the "good ol' days"


@abramokids: It's mostly just the (C)ommunity that's keeping me here, as nearly all of the shirts are on (A)nvil nowadays. I'm 28 days into my New Year's Resolution, so for those of you who bet that I couldn't do it ... PREPARE TO PAY UP, SUCKERS! ^_^


I feel like snapster was the soul of the place. It was his sense of humor, and his sense of community, that made this site a wonderful thing. It was the seed he planted, that shaped this community, but his influence has seemed absent for some time. Now, we have disjointed pages, that just seem chaotic. The worst part is that that seems to be translating over to the community side of things too. Or maybe it started there, with downvoting, IDK. But it makes me sad now. Maybe this is just growing pains, and the community can recover. I certainly hope so.


@narfcake: I once made a bet for $100 with my dad that I could go a month without buying shirts. Then on day 30, they posted a friggin Portal shirt. I caved, but my dad was kind enough to pay up anyway :P

The lesson: Be careful. Tomorrow may be the day you cave.

(Also, I'm trying to decide if there's a secret message in your post...)


I was thinking of adding the same type of thread tonight, but you beat me to it. Clicking through the eight tabs at the top, seeing all the different deals, and then all the side deals, it's like a competition of how many deals they can shove down your throat. Call me old fashioned, but it used to be one deal a day. Then another site popped up, and that was great, because, as has been said, maybe I don't want to go to wine woot and purchase, but I want to pick up a leak frog. It feels as if the deals are starting to really crowd the main stage, and the loony writeups and community atmosphere and flashy pope hats are slowly being forced away.


I gotta say, I really hate the new Woot!

The whole point of Woot was one sale a day, and it used to be REALLY good deals.
Now there is too much to look through, and most of the time the deals are NOT that great.

It doesn't matter what URL you are at, it's all one big website now, with many many things being offered. Woot as we knew it and loved it, is dead.


@abramokids: You could've bought it on day #2, y'know! And no secret message; it was just convenient that I could incorporate my answer directly to your points.

Of course, the only reason why I have been able to go for 4 weeks (and counting) is because of the switch. I'm not going to spend money on a shirt in which I don't like the fit ... and shirts with huge neckholes is not my idea of a good fit.

I have six copies of Unstealthiest Ninja and four of Unstealthiest Ninja II : The Unstealthening, so Unstealthiest Ninja 3 should've been an instant buy. But no, I did not buy one.


Woot used to be "fun"........whatever that is. Alas, it isn't anymore.


@narfcake: You can't ever intend to wear all those copies of UnNinja... So, why not buy UnNinja 3 with the same premise?

You've bought so many woot shirts that you could probably wear one a day... At what point does the "standoff" end? The new blanks don't fit as well, but you mainly buy shirts to support certain artists anyways. And as mentioned, I don't see you planning on wearing all your shirts all the time, even though that is a reason to buy shirts anyways.

I just think you're taking the switch too seriously, they are still tshirts, and if you love UnNinja, doomcat, the doomkittens so much, I'd think at least for this shirt, you could oblige and buy it.

It's pretty clear Woot isn't going to go back to the old blanks.


@lpgstock: I'd upvote you, but I'm on an iPad and can't. You're not alone!


agree with dmmutti ... this is like walking into the Mall of America and having all those stores yammering at you to buy something. I guess one deal a day is passe ?


Bottom line after the change. I still check for what's on sale but I don't linger. I used to read the commentary, look at the user forums, etc, but not any longer. The only reason I am even writing this is I happened to see it on the top of the boards.

Woot used to be a destination. Now its just another spot I check occasionally to see what is on sale, nothing more.


My answer to "Now what?" can be found about 8 seconds into this clip:


Can we get over this already? It's done. If you have a suggestion, find the button, press it, and send it to the team. This is probably questions #97145081745756148597 about this same issue.


Thing 1: Nobody died.

Thing 2: It's the freaking internet. Things change, often rapidly and without notice. It's not unusual.

Thing 3: Move on. I'm not saying leave, I'm just saying get over it. Whingeing will not change things or make a mega-corporation make Sport.woot go away because ten people said they didn't like it in a forum.

Thing 4: Sorry if this seems short but I can only read so many of these things. I loved old woot too, but I don't see how new woot is a massive departure from previous iterations. It's just more woot now.


@renegadetim: There are days in which I would wear a different shirt during the day and the night. Or when my dog slobbers all over me and I change a couple times in one evening, so it's not a simple "one day, one shirt" metric going on here. And I have backups of my favorites because $#!% happens, like getting TCIAL snagged on a toolbox drawer, tearing a hole. :(

UnNinja 3 is sitting in the #1 spot, and will be around for a while. I'd sooner play the waiting game instead; Woot has had a some supply issues with Anvil already, and there is a measurable drop in sales since the switch. Woot's #1 shirt, The Binge, has seen a 40% drop. How much of that is due to the site redesign 3 weeks ago and how much is due to the blanks, which switched 4 weeks ago, I can't say.


I just typed a lengthy answer and it disappeared into the vast wasteland of my computer. Onward.
In point of fact, although I can certainly agree that the latest MASSIVE CHANGES are not to my personal liking, Woot changed prior to the Amazon acquisition (at least that we knew about). I joined in December 2004 and for a few years, there were wonderful bargains to be had. I simply could not retire for the night before checking at 1AM (est). Those deals, for the most part, have not been around for a very long time. The Woot I knew and loved so very much has been long absent.


@narfcake: I agree on the Anvil shirts...but how do you know all of these things? Are you the Oracle?


@lumpthar: Nah, just the resident shirt nerd. With assistance from fellow Wooters (especially on the debut day numbers), I've been tracking the sales of the shirts almost every night since reckoning #196.


@renegadetim: @narfcake has so many copies of UnNinja because he's going to give me at least one of each. Or maybe he will find himself inexplicably short one copy of each. (We're still negotiating the details.)