questionswho is going to the ultimate marvel marathon?



sounds pretty awesome.


Since they are including The Avengers in the ticket price, I am definitely considering it. I am wondering how they will feel about people bringing in outside food and drink, though. I don't think most people can go ~12 hours without eating something.

I really don't want to eat movie theater food (especially at movie theater prices) for the whole day.

Here's a list of the theaters that are participating.


That's pretty cool, and if it weren't for work, and the cost of parking in SF, I'd be all over this. However, missing a couple days of work (as I'd need Friday to recoup) having to spend $40 for the ticket, and whatever food ends up running me wouldn't be financially responsible of me (heh, financial responsibility on a woot discussion, I make myself laugh!)


pass.. only 3 of the movies are 3D.. and I don't want to live off Movie Theater food for 15 hours...

I will just watch all of the Marvel movies worth watching from the comfort of my own home on my 65'' Samsung Plasma at my leisure the week prior and then go watch the Avengers =D


Not showing within 700 miles of me, and even if they expand the list the closest AMC theater is 550 miles away, so it will be a no-go. I hate 3D movies, so those would be a turn off. When we went to the LOTR marathon, it was at a theater that sold half decent pizza for a somewhat reasonable price if you bought a whole pie. Once you got your seat you got a name tag to pin to it so you could leave if you wanted to and were guaranteed your seat when you got back. Three teenaged friends spent the night in line, we plied them with Starbucks and bags of burgers. They were the second ones in line and were permitted to bring up to five people each in line with them, so the rest of us got there about half an hour before they opened the box office there were 13-14 of us, we got the best seats in the house and had a great time watching the films and sharing pizzas and hanging out in the lobby during breaks. We'd love to do the same thing for this marathon, but they aren't bringing it to us.


I wonder if you can leave the theater for an entire movie, we'll just the Hulk for arguments sake, and get back in for the others. The theater showing it near me is in a mall so I could get food and walk around. Unfortunately I need all my vacation days for this summer or I would be considering this more seriously.


Can you imagine what the theater will smell like by say, 8pm?


Ok I am too stupid to get the hyperlinks to work on deals.woot side but here is a link to all 30 cities doing this: