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You could have a special BOC giveaway for the facebook un-assimilated wootizens here on the forum. You could have them respond to a thread with a question like "Not one of us?" and then use a random generator to decide which number post gets the crap.


I have run into the same problem....crap everywhere. WAY too much for the Large Flat Rate Box. I would suggest trading, but that would simply move the crap around. I am going to consider a larger box and the use of UPS for the exchange. I am waiting for the to address to which I ship to make that determination. I will do a quick rate check and go from there. Large boxes can usually be shipped more economically via UPS than USPS. I would wait to see where.


How about donating them for a cause, like a homeless shelter or a battered women's shelter? There are millions of people in this world who would appreciate our crap, and sadly many of those are in our country alone.

EDIT: It's free to give don't have to pay for shipping. :)


gwendyw and jsimsace both had good ideas. I guess it depends on what the items are.

Somehow, I missed this "wootizen exchange" thing entirely.


I'm sort of hoping I will get a bit of information about the person who will receive my Wootizen BOC. I have carp for small children, hot weather, cold weather, pets, travellers, music lovers, gardeners.... OMG! I have too much carp, too! I shouldn't be EXCHANGING carp, I should just be SENDING carp!

As @jsimsace suggested, I've been donating carp like mad, but am holding off on further donations until I pack up my Wootizen BOC.

Just a question for those participating, are you planning to include some really non-typical stuff? I've been piling up a stack of potential items and had to make myself stop when I realized just how wierd it was starting to look. LOL!


Some interesting ideas! I like the idea of waiting a bit longer until we see who we get. I just need to see it go! I have all kinds of stuff as well! I tend to buy good deals, as I tend to donate lots of stuff around the holidays!

I donate toys, hats, gloves and various other stuff to my dads church, who then sends them along to various causes. Hats and gloves go to an Indian reservation somewhere (I forgot where exactly) that is really cold, and the kids almost never have hats/gloves/scarves, the toys go to their 'toy store' where they 'sell' them to local families for less than a dollar, they've collected for soldiers and seniors, and I always add to almost every pile.

This year I will also be buying for the Christmas Angels program (this will be my second year!). Where the Salvation Army gets a list from parents, and people buy what the kids want, so they can have something for Christmas...not all of this stuff would work for those causes, or I would send them their way!


@thunderthighs: careful, or we all send the stuff to you.


@thunderthighs: haha!!! I'm so glad I checked here one more time before going to bed! A great answer from the great @thunderthighs. I scared my poor cats with my off to bed, hopefully I won't be giggling half the night!


Donate. Or Share.

Then you can have more space at home and space is good for your soul. I am sure there are people out there who don't have what you consider "crap" and actually need them.


I'm also waiting until I know to whom the crap goes. Once I started gathering potential craps, I realized that I had actually packed some of the craps up for moving already which limited the pool of craps readily available.

When it comes to the rest of my crap, we have a few places nearby to donate to. There are a couple of thrift shop type of places which will take almost anything (really) but my favorite is the humane society thrift shop. They take virtually anything and the proceeds go to take care of homeless animals which makes me happy. (On another note, the humane society itself welcomes extra medical supplies, old towels, and old blankets....)

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@thunderthighs: My exact sentiment from just reading the title.


I've got a lot of good stuff to include. I can't wait.


Upvoting all the donate suggestions. :)


Donations always work. Random fun things in the mail are neat, too. Sometimes I think it would be fun to ship something out to someone without warning but without addresses or serious stalking....

I have a box with stuff I started filling and will also end up with lots of extra stuff unless I use a truck and trailer. My partner is going to think I am rather odd, which is true.


Put your email on They have "Stop 'n' Swap" events in every part of NYC where ...... "Bring good clean portable clothes, house wares, games, books, & toys that you no longer need, and find things that are new to you. You don’t have to bring something to take something. No money changes hands." I gave away two old televisions [among other things] that were taken by very thankful adoptors! All of my friends cleared their closets, garages and basements bringing stuff they didn't even remember they had and were so happy to donate. We all came back with items we were planning to buy!!! The most wonderful aspect of the Swap I went to was the mood of the attendees. It was a fun, good natured, +feel good afternoon!!!! I will never miss one of these events!!