questionsis anyone else thinking of leaving deals.woot?


Link stating the RIP deals are being looked into as well as tons of other threads about the subject

Here is A more familiar view (The old "Top" view)


@lichme: Thank you, I knew the issue had been going on for a while, I hadn't realized that people had asked questions about it 11 days ago, but my question still remains. Why hasn't the RIP thing been fixed yet, or at least an update given to us that they are still working on it?


@segafanalways: I cannot officially say, however my guess would be that the woot response would be "These things take time, we are currently reviewing the deals.woot process to figure out what the best way to display the deals are"

Deals.woot user response answer: "Deals.woot doesn't seem to get the attention that it needs to stay useful and relevant. We have been trying for what seems like years to get an FAQ for new (and old) users, however it just doesn't happen. It seems to be low on the list of priorities here. Getting answers in regards to any changes isn't worth the time or effort, and shouldn't be that difficult. We feel your pain, but there is little we can do about it"


Nope, I'm staying.

Change happens, though I'm with you on getting some of the points fixed, it seems no matter what change occurs, XX people don't like, XX people do.

Thanks for the points @lichme.


I haven't seriously considered leaving D.W for the same reason I haven't seriously considered relocating to another city or even country when I retire:
All my friends are here.


Leave for good, like never come back like @inkycatz & @snapster? No. But I do find myself browsing the site less and less. The last time I bought something from woot was last year for sure. Probably over 6 months ago. It just doesn't have the same feel as it used to. I definitely miss the days of saying "Oh wow, that is a great deal, better get it before it sells out." Instead now I search the internet, find a better/similar deal and then post it in the discussion.


I don't mind the changes, like I said I have been through a lot of goods and bads on here. I am just worried that right now it is broken with the RIP thing. I am having troubles finding the good deals among the RIPs and if I have been here for a while and am having troubles I can only imagine how the newer or the people that may be looking at the page for the first time must feel.

If I remember right way back when the popular tab was in place and everything was fine. Then they switched to the top tab and everyone moaned and groaned about it and now that it is going back I hear the same moaning and groaning.


Nothing has been done to make me "leave". While I would define that as no longer visit Deals.woot, Ever. I have been less active, but I still make an appearance here and there.

It's still a functioning site that has some good deals posted. Saved money from 1 purchase makes the "filtering through RIP" deals completely worth it.


I'm staying put. There's a nice sense of community here with all you weirdos.


I've been coming by less and less but that's more so to avoid temptation. I still manage to catch a few deals I would buy if I wasn't saving up all my pennies to move. If I do come by it's usually to leave some input on @slydon's music monday posts, or leave some snarky comment on a coupon or something... or a pointless comment like this one. I'm probably here for the long haul even though I'm not checking it as often as I used to. We're still a bunch of cool people, right?


I'm not planning to leave, but I have cut back a bit and plan to reduce my time here even more. Some of this is because it's a pain to navigate through the RIPed deals, but mostly it's because I just need to spend time on other things. I've had so much going on the last few weeks that I had much less time to visit the interwebs at all. As a result, I have accomplished SO MUCH at home and in my volunteer work. Wow! Who knew?


Leave? I'm not really here to begin with.

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Like many other I frequent DW far less now then I have in the past. The sponsored deals as well as the ones added by the community are not the "oh wow" they used to be. I have found myself browsing other sites and finding better deals.


I guess I kind of left without intending got busy and the deals/coupons/woot-offs weren't as gripping as they used to be to keep me going. The community was why I stayed for long after I started buying things, but real life just gets so busy sometimes.

I always have fond memories of my time spent here when I was more active, and hope I can return officially at some point :)


I think the community is a big reason I have stayed too. I also visit this site a lot less frequently than I used to. I used to keep the site up in a tab and refresh every 5 or 10 mins. Now I will visit the page maybe once or twice in a day and that is it.


I still like woot and the people here. Staying put.


The RIP posts are quite irritating; I wholly agree. But...

We're talking about a site that doesn't cost the users a dime. However, a lot of time and creativity go into the posts regardless of whether the goods appeal to you. They try to bring great deals (albeit some of them in the last year haven't appealed to me either) but no company or person can please everyone all of the time.

Saying that you're going to "leave" because of formatting/query issues is about as deserved as someone complaining about a free meal. Deals.woot has saved me a fortune and most of the deals would have gone right past me if it weren't for D.W and the contributing Wooters.

I hope others' loyalties are deeper than abandoning a free site for a bug. After all, only a Sith deals in absolutes. ;)


I'm staying. The RIPs are annoying but I click on the Fresh tab a lot. RIP isn't an issue there and I get a shot at the deals before they sell out.


I guess I don't know why one would formally leave. Unless it is to hope that you leaving will cause Woot to change their practices and you'll monitor and come back. In that I guess you aren't really leaving...

I just quit coming to the site as often. It used to be daily, of course, and multiple times a day. Now, I hop on Woot when I'm bored. It has gone from a necessity to a distraction. I'm not leaving, just not visiting anywhere near as much as I used to.


@aaronhenry: Except it's not the same as someone complaining/leaving over a free meal. Woot isn't giving me anything it possesses for free - the users of Woot are providing the content and Woot itself makes money off our traffic (ads, sponsored links) while offering its own deals on the side. If anything, I'm giving Woot free ad views when I visit - and they aren't the only game in town.

A better analogy would be someone who gets paid to hand out flyers with coupons on them handing out flyers that have misleading or no longer valid coupons. They're not really doing me a favor by handing out flyers, they're trying to get revenue for their business partners. If the deals are good and valid, it's win-win. If they're not, then we're left with a piece of a trash that we now have to discard.

I'm not leaving yet, but it won't take much more of this for me to delete dealswoot from my favorites. Slickdeals and Fatwallet are just a click away.


I wouldn't have even realized we had a RIP issue if I didn't read about it in ask the community. I go elsewhere for real deals. I stick around in deals.woot just for entertainment purposes.


I haven't bought anything from woot! proper this year, and there have been very few real deals here on the deals side that got my attention lately. I spend less time here than I used to, and definitely spend less. The sponsored deals have been really crappy for the last few months, and the spam on the community-submitted deals seems to have surged of late as well.


I find it so ironic that the majority of the people in this thread that are saying they are leaving or say they visit the site a lot less frequently are ALL black triangles with 98 to 99 percent scores for site participation!

Look, I used to be the same way and I always bitched in these forums. You all have to wake up and realize that the of today (amazon) doesn't give a shit about the power users like us. Look at the stats. There are 300-400 black triangles registered on the site. For every one of us that is unhappy with the direction or operation of this site, there are 500 ignorant noobs that click on a posted deal and buy it without researching price/company rep/product quality. These users don't post or even bother to read the forums. They see a bright shiny picture of some crappy sponsored deal and click on it.

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I guarantee you we are all just seen as "bitter clingers" by the current woot staff because we are the last remnants of the old site that refuse to leave and still bitterly cling to the old values and philosophy of a that has long since been forgotten.

The admins love these threads. They read our feeble threats of leaving and take office pool bets to see who can guess the next time we log back in. If anything, they want us to leave! We are the proverbial flies in the ointment. Look, they have enough website owners posting their own sites day after day after day in the deals section (like that tarp website guy) and they have enough mindless trolls clicking through on these deal posts to generate the revenue that Amazon requires. We are all considered useless because we DON'T click on the crap deals that fill this site now but we DO bitch about every little change they make in the forums.

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To sum it up, I don't like what deals.woot is turning into anymore than you guys do but I've been a part of the woot family since early 2006 and I'm not going anywhere until someone creates a site that is as good as used to be.


@btalarczyk: To be fair, it doesn't take much to become and/or stay a black triangle nowadays. I'm in the top ten and haven't posted a question in over a week, a deal in over 3. I'm not that active here.

I'm here a bit less than before - when this place is hoppin, it requires more input from the "power users" to keep things tame. But with the lack of user activity, it doesn't require as much upkeep, so we're all less active.


@thumperchick: I hadn't thought of it like that. That's a good point.


@btalarczyk: I am still a black triangle.. and my visits to Woot have been cut by 90%+.. I've seen my ranking go from 99 to 96 back to 99 without really doing anything =/