questionsorder denied! wth???!!!


So. What would you like us to do for you?


I would like my deal. But, the damn thing is sold out!


You did this last night? Your ID says you joined today. Now I'm confused too.


I'm sorry you're having trouble with your payment methods. Fret not. Chances are woot will sell the item again. My advice is to get your payment method figured and and test it on a cheap item before woot sells the thing you want again. Here's a cheap one:
Also, the pending charges you have now will disappear from your 2 cards, so don't get all scared about that. I'm curious what the "B.S" reason woot support gave you was.


@capguncowboy: Last night could have been early this morning making it today. Weird time logic strikes again.


No, after this ordeal, I will NEVER use this site. To be frank, I've never even heard of Woot deals until Amazon sent me a message. But, from here on out, I will let everyone know not to use this idiotic site. I mean, HOW BAD IS YOUR ORDER FULFILLMENT SYSTEM THAT YOU ARE SENDING OUT ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAILS BEFORE VERIFYING PAYMENT METHOD! WHAT THE HELL?????

Holy crap, this is by far the most retarded ordering system I've ever seen.


@mybestuser1: Yes, frankly, I really don't remember if it was after midnight or not. So, you are most likely right. But, that's not the point. The point is I signed up, ordered a deal, received verification of order, saw the charges pending on my credit card, and THEN spent the next several hours (part of which included this morning) looking for related items. Freaking waste of my time.


According to your stats You have one woot so You have ordered something. Better check your woot account and see if anything has changed.


@ribeyesteaks: Yes, things do get messed up and it seems like that is happening a lot more around here lately. I see that your square shows that you have 1 Woot. That means that you have one purchase. Go back into your account and see, if by some chance, that your order did go through. Sorry you have had such a bad experience.

@capguncowboy: When I joined (it was sometime during the day) my joined date showed that I actually joined the next day. Woot! and its weird ways. Go figure.

Edit: @mybestuser1 beat me to part of my answer.


@ribeyesteaks: Well, I can tell from your posts that you're sort of new to the internet and how credit cards work. At least that's the impression I get. Anyway, sometimes pending charges do not become actual charges because: computers/banking/credit card algorithms that are not under the seller's control. Sometimes a credit card will say, "Yes, there are funds available so everything is totally sweet!" And then when the seller tries to actually obtain said funds the card is totes like, "Uh, no way, bro. You're crazy and can't have any money." Things happen. Freaking out isn't going to help you all that much.
@mybestuser1: I will laugh super hard if it went through and all this angst was for nothing.


Guys, when I check my account and stuff bought, it says nothing. I have verified this with Woot's customer service. They verified through my order number that my order was denied. There is nothing there.

Anyways, I have been using credit cards for a LONG time. I understand how the authorization process works, and I DO know that these charges are pending and can fail the 2 phase commit process. What I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IS WHY WOOT WOULD SEND OUT AN ORDER CONFIRMATION WITH THE ORDER # AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. That makes no sense to me when the payment method is verified.

Anyways, whatever. It's too late now. I will just not recommend this site to anyone. Thank you very much for all of your empathy and concerns.


@ribeyesteaks: May I ask what you were buying? Was it being sold by one of the woot sites, or sold by a 3rd party vendor via deals.woot?


The order confirmation is automatic, wires might have been crossed, mistakes happen. Good luck on your journey through the internet.


So, how does one delete their account off this stupid site?


@ribeyesteaks: You would e-mail with that request.

But as mentioned by others, the e-mail you receive is an automatic order placement request. This does not ensure that your order will actually be fulfilled, the payment was successful or Woot has any products actually available for sale. A pending charge is automatically placed on your debit/credit card just to ensure you have the available funds to cover the purchase, but the merchant does not actually charge your card until they accept your order. Shortly after, the order will be released to order fulfillment where they will check to see if they have available quantity and will then print out a shipping label. After the shipping label is generated, you would no longer be able to cancel and the order will ship out whenever they get to it. Keep in mind this above process is standard for all retailers, some just handle it quicker than others. An auto-confirm e-mail does not mean your order was accepted, same for Amazon


Okay, kiddos, here it is.

Accounts created after TX Midnight appear as having been created the next day. You often see that in the spammer accounts; they make comments/post deals/ask questions from tomorrow (or so it seems).

When someone makes a purchase, even if it's later denied, it shows up as a purchase (giving the purchaser the ability to downvote, which is going to vanish when the amount on the card is released). I've seen the wrong number of items on my own account last for a month (when I'd had an order canceled), so it can take a bit of time to vanish.

Let me see, what else was there???

Oh, yeah. I'm not sure, at all, why someone felt it necessary to come here, to the merciless venue of Ask The Community (previously known as Ask The Wooters), and start yelling about mistreatment over on Wooterville proper. An email to support would be smart.

I think that there's some things about the way purchasing is being handled that could be done better. Yelling at us won't help.


@hackman2007: Ok, fair enough. However, it did try to authorize a charge on my a debit card that I first tried using, and that failed. So, hence, the credit card.


Okay folks, simmer down now.
This thread doesn't need to be inundated with any attacks or trolling.
I'm sorry to hear that your order was denied and that you experienced issues ordering.
If you have any further concerns or comments, please email again into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They'll be more than happy to talk to you and address any questions you might have.


Maybe there was a typo somewhere in your billing information (address, zip, phone, cc, security code, exp date). Personally, I've placed over 200 orders across Woot and haven't had any issues. Thousands of other people can say the same thing. Woot isn't in the habit of cancelling orders for shits & giggles. Something went wrong, it happens. You don't want to order from Woot anymore, well that's your choice. Judging by the replies on this thread, you won't be missed.


Wooters: Please do not attack when people are asking questions. When you have a large purchase on your card, it's can be worrisome. The poster may not word things as they would have if they had time to think about it. Just take it with a grain of salt.

@ribeyesteaks: I'm sorry for the problem with your order. Obviously, payment verifications are to protect both you and Woot. Check with your bank to see if they know why. Make sure your billing information on your Woot account matches the address on record for your payment method.


@thunderthighs: The way I see it is questions get replied to in the same manner as they're given. Just like in the really real world, if someone comes up to me and starts acting like a fool and ranting and raving they're not going to get a polite response. If someone is polite I will do my best to help them. Just because it's the internet does not mean you get a free pass for bad behavior. Wooters are terribly helpful and polite, until someone gives a reason not to be. I think that's part of the problem with today's society, everyone thinks they can do whatever they want because there are no consequences for troglodyte behavior. Ridiculous, I say. That's just my two cents.


Really, with the removal of a completely G rated gif? Wow. I guess commenting on the blatant rudeness of the op's language is just not okay anymore?

Oh, BTW - If customer support were able to send/receive emails, or bothered following through anymore, we (ATC) wouldn't be dealing with their messes. Unlike customer support, we are not paid employees of woot and don't have to be sweet to someone who is being rude to us. It's pretty simple at this point - fix customer service, asap.

Or hey - lecture US about how we respond to rude behavior, and delete comments that are following the general guidelines - I'm sure that will keep working out well.


@thumperchick says: "Oh, BTW - If customer support were able to send/receive emails, or bothered following through anymore, we (ATC) wouldn't be dealing with their messes. Unlike customer support, we are not paid employees of woot and don't have to be sweet to someone who is being rude to us. It's pretty simple at this point - fix customer service, asap."

^^^ THIS! Plus infinity, like, upvote, whatever. You say don't be mean to people asking questions. Hey, if I see someone asking a question, no problemo. But if they're in here just to troll/flounce, then the kid gloves are off, and I don't agree that the TrollFlounce deserves the same level of respect an innocent questor does. Han shot first.

And like TC said...if you don't like the level of support the community gives, stop leaving support up to the community. These questions are becoming more and more frequent. Maybe people would stop getting pissed at the recent lack of service if a little service were given once in a blue moon.


Let's not lose sight of the fact that the OP stated he'd already contacted customer service and been told the charge had not been approved.

Which means he's over here ranting and raving about something only his credit card company can answer for him. NO ONE at AtC (or apparently at Woot Customer Service) can tell him why his card was declined.

He might as well be yelling and blustering at Radio Shack; they know as much about it as we do. Evidently he doesn't get out much, poor lad.

Perhaps someone should have told him to make his payment using a [cough] Paypal account?


@magic cave: I had missed the part about the card being declined. Between all the flouncing and the ALL CAPS, I stopped reading at "Order canceled because of some BS"

Moral of the story: If you just want to bitch, ALL CAPS IS GREAT!!!! If you actually want help, calm down and do a better job of explaining the issue than "some BS" and ranting and raving about how you're never returning, because as we can see the most common response to that threat is "OK, bye".

This entire thread is a wonderful example of how NOT to go about things, for all parties involved. Hopefully all parties can actually take something away and use it to improve in the future. That said, I fully believe that if nothing changes, then this problem WILL happen again, and so will the response, so complaining about the response rather than solving the problem is a bit of a wasted effort.


So the new guy comes in here screaming and cursing and calling the site stupid and retarded (his word, not mine, and I find it VERY offensive) and all of that is left intact, but our responses get deleted? And we are the ones that get reprimanded? There is something very wrong in Wootville my friends.


@magic cave: I got your meaning. You know, you really should take something for that cough.


What does it mean if there is nothing after where it says Order Status:? Cause mine is just blank


All, please don't forget that every one of your posts are probably being emailed to the original poster. Be cool. People post when they're upset. Let's be the good guys and help them out.

Love ya!


@xexjordan: Please go here: for further help on your question.

Everyone else: Can anyone help him out: I moved his question from a November 2010 thread over to the link shown above.


@mybestuser1: The "paypal isn't accepted" concept was the pointed point I was making. Hence the "[cough]" in my comment.


@magic cave: Sorry, I thought it was Amazon's dislike for Paypal.


I can understand someone being upset about this but as long as I ended up getting my money back...whatever. Life's too short to sweat the little stuff. Don't let one bad transaction kill woot for you. there are still great deals on here from time to time. BTW if you hate woot you hate Amazon too. Just sayin.


@thunderthighs: You are awesome and I appreciate that you are still around, even with all the Woot changes, and I have respect for you.

That being said, Let Woot be a good company and pay for the customer service provided by the folks in their forum. Don't worry, we are independent contractors so there is no health insurance requirements.(Maybe jumbowoot was onto something with the $5 coupons of old.)

Personally I would love to see any question asking about payment problems or anything like that be deleted from this page. We don't have the access to the Woot system or credit card information so it just comes across as a whinning child who latches onto the first person that looks their way. The posters never ask if someone has had a similar problem, they just rant and rave to people that have no ability to help them and then get more mad when nothing changes. We are not responsible for these people and if they get a snarky answer, then they have to deal with it.


Wow... just wow...
Did one of you other Vets create this account to cleverly rant about customer service or is this troll just a big cry baby who is over reacting? I do agree that CS has gone down the tubes hear though, and the $5 dollar coupons that JW threw did make you want to be a little nicer and a little more helpful. Considering that we got back to most people long before CS I think that Amawoot got off cheap, considering the level of information that is give in some of these questions. Just saying! (All told?)


This guy just spammed woots facebook demanding they delete his account. What a big whiner.


"So when are you assholes going to finally delete my account? Huh? I keep contacting your stupid service/support department, and no one is responding. Do I need to file a lawsuit to get your idiotic people in gear?



@chefferz: Classic. Usually you don't see the ladies with that much aggro. Interesting.


@chefferz: Yeah, I want to see a lawyer the dimwit can afford. Franklin and Bash, maybe?

I think he's not a well person.


@magic cave: She does have a cute little dog though. Or maybe one of her friends does. I didn't take the time to friend her or anything on facebook.


@zuiquan: Friend her? Why bother? She sounds like a pretty immature piece of work.


@lavikinga: That was a bit of a joke. I can't see myself ever friending a person like that.


@zuiquan: Yeah, I figured as much. I understand how upsetting it can be to have the credit/debit card companies tying up ones money, but our little carnivore got wrapped around the axle rather tightly over it. I'm thinking she's on the young side, too, seeing how she was a complete jackass on FB concerning this as well.


@lavikinga: High school or college, based on her FB info. Maybe she was just on a binge drunk when she was posting?


This seems to be a recurring problem. I ordered a computer and mistyped some payment information. It was denied, so I noticed the error and corrected the mistake. Still denied. I tried a third time...denied. Checked with the bank and there are three charges for 600 plus on my card. I now have 1800 dollars tied up and unusable because Woot was telling me one thing while doing another. This common error needs to be addressed. My money is being held hostage while I wait for Woot to correct the mistake. Reputable companies do not do this.


I'm also the recipient of this failure, for no apparent reason. I used the same card I've used on Woot for months, and in fact used just the day before (shows shipped even)... but this time they have trouble, for no explicit reason. The order looked fine when I first checked that the order went through. However, they biffed it, and did not send any contact stating that it had failed after placing the order. Amazon itself would have never allowed this, the old Woot wouldn't have done this - what gives?


Just adding to the information on this topic...

This is the response that I got from Woot support after explaining that there was nothing wrong with the data provided and having verified with the institution that they had approved the transaction so Woot dropped the ball:

"Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

Our records show that your order attempts were denied. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to see very detailed information on why the order was denied. Typically, the most common reason for this is the billing address provided does not match what the issuing card bank has on file. Unfortunately, we are not able to push through or reverse denied transactions.

We apologize for the inconvenience."

Address was perfect, so none of their response applies. Honestly, I don't really care if there was an issue in processing as long as the answer isn't "Something happened and your out of luck".