questionsdo you get extra days off from work the week of…


@jsimsace: Try to be nicer than that to Ducky and Gatz.


@inkycatz: Will it be like in middle school when we had substitute teachers? ;)


Took Friday off. Be nice to the other mods. :P


I'm not only working the early morning shift but I gotta go in Thanksgiving night. If I wasn't making extra money I'd call out. This should pay for half the presents for the year in 1 shot though.


@cengland0: The first Thanksgiving after my family was halved was tough; we just sat around and looked at each other. (I think we ate pasta.) I was never a particular fan of Thanksgiving, but it has a way of highlighting the missing. Hope your day is as okay as possible, and each Thanksgiving is a little less of a reminder than the one that came before.

@markhca: Oh yikes! Good luck with your surgery; hope it goes well and that your recovery is as smooth and painless as possible.


I work in the international division of my company. So those i interface with dont know and dont care about Thanksgiving.


I've been working at my current job for 4-5 years now and it's the first one I've had that gave Thursday and Friday off as paid vacation, which is awesome.

My last job was a movie theater, so I ended up working most holidays and had no paid vacation at all.


Thursday only. Someone else is taking vacation. I work six days normally so even the one day is nice.


Nope, not this year. Our office is technically "closed" on Friday, but we have a big thing the following week, so we'll all be in Friday and probably through the weekend. Usually I get Friday off, though.


Years ago our employees traded Veteran's Day for Black Friday, so we wok on VDay but get that Friday off. Then we switched to a 4/10 work week where we always get Fridays off. So instead they just have us work three 8 hour days. But we are still required to have our sections covered 7am-6pm. I normally work 7am-6pm, but next week I am scheduled for 9am-6pm Monday (each of the three staff in our section is taking one late day) and 7am-4pm Tuesday and Wednesday. Another person in my section and I am in a wrestling match for being allowed to take Christmas week off, as my boss has already declared he will be and one of the three of us "needs" (not really) to be there. I am hoping the fact that I have seniority, my birthday holiday falls in that week and that my competitor is taking Thanksgiving week off will give me the win.


I get Thanksgiving and the day after. I'm also taking off the day before, and the day before the day before.


Our office is closed Thursday and Friday, then I took the following Monday and Tuesday as vacation days.


Nope - unemployed so I get every day as an "off" day.


I'm off Thursday and Friday (and the weekend). And I'm hoping for a nice, calm Monday - Wednesday at work. But we'll see. In the past, we've had bad things pop up early in the week and, as the days go on, fewer and fewer of the people who really know how to solve the issues have been in town which makes it more and more stressful for those of us left at work. It doesn't appear that will happen this year, but I've said that in the past. I'm alway a bit anxious for Thanksgiving week.


@bigsarge04: I worked in a 24 hour customer service phone center before. They usually ask for volunteers to work the holiday first and if they don't get enough they start looking at the bottom of the seniority list and make those people work the holiday. That was me so I always worked it.

Today, I'm in a much better position. I get Thursday off but still have to work on Friday. That's my choice though. I could have taken it as a vacation day but I'm not doing anything with the family this year so why take it off?

Thanksgiving has always been a gathering of our family every single year but due to some recent deaths in the family, the two main event planners are no longer around to get us all together. Bummer.


I actually don't have off, where I work is open 24 hours, we never close, always need people, so I'll be working from 1-9:30 doing tech support, instead of seeing my family. But 2.5 times pay is nice and makes it sting less.


Thursday, Friday, and they normally let us leave an hour or so after the factory workers on Wednesday. Not sure what time that will be, it depends on the production schedule. Sometimes it is noonish, sometimes it is 4pm-ish.


Nope, no time off.

But then I am a full time care giver for an aging parent. So I never get a day off.

In the past I have had to work on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following for some of my employers. At least someone brought a television one year so we could watch the football games.


I was supposed to be off the whole week, due in part to a surgery to reconstruct my left orbit. Its outpatient, to be sure, but when they work up in there, its neither pleasant nor quick to recover from.

Then I got called in and asked if I could postpone it (no) or if I could come in afterwards (no).

Reason? The other person who knows my job will be working in the field instead of the office.

So, I go in Monday to train two temps for Tuesday and Wednesday, and report for surgery at 0600 on Tuesday after compressing my intended all-day prep from all Monday to 6 hours after work.

Ghod I love my job...


I get Thursday and Friday off, but I took vacation the entire week.


Thursday and Friday for me, as well. Although most of my folks are gone all week, so it will be very relaxing at work. :)


I get thursday and friday off, and I think this year my whole department is using vacation to take the rest of the week off.


Since I work for a school, this is pretty much a vacation week for me. I will have to go in for a meeting and get caught up on some paperwork, but for the most part I get a nice relaxing week....


I get Thanskgiving and Friday off (weekends I always have off). At my last company, we got Monday off as well, since it was the first day of rifle deer season and there was an enormous population of hunters. That was an unusual holiday for me - but it made sense at that plant. Actually, when I was at that plant I worked on Thanksgiving morning and had to go back in later since I was on third shift that week. Even though it was a company holiday, that plant still ran production. My current plant is not running any production for any of our holidays right now.