questionswould you buy an american flag that's made in…


I'm not quite sure what is so "jumbo" about it; 3x5 is as standard as a flag can get. And is $5 a deal for a flag? I'd like to think I can go pretty much anywhere and get a non-embroidered cheap 3x5 American Flag for around the same price.

LOL at that IL 9.5% tax-rate!


If the price is right and it meets my needs, I'll buy it from any country of origin.


Wouldn't a better question be "do you already have a US flag that was made in China?"


As long as the mfr. is reliable and the quality & delivered price is competitive, sure. It is not the Chinese workers who are to blame for our leaders allowing the outsourcing of all things previously made in the USA.


I always think this kind of question is funny, in that Americans so value the "free market", only to discover that our communist rivals are using capitalism to undermine our own economy. So buyers must choose between the American ideal of the free market or the more communist ideal of supporting your own community and nation even if it means paying a much higher price. Of course there are many layers and complexities on all of this which influence prices and where to buy. But on the straight face of it as asked by this question, it's a pretty interesting ideological paradox.


What ISN'T 'Made In China'?

USA...a wholly owned subsidiary of China Inc.


Nice. I get down-voted just for answering the question... I'm a savvy consumer; I'll buy the one that best fits my needs and price point. Country of make is probably the last thing I consider. Instead of trying to give me a guilt trip for not buying American, our companies should be investing in new manufacturing processes that will make the product more efficiently so they can lower the price and still make a profit.


If you will only buy an American flag "Made in U.S.A" (and tout the fact), you are a hypocrite when buying anything else that is not. It might make you feel better, but it is not much of a Patriotic gesture to limit yourself to the flag.

Just curious, everyone...Is your car, phone, computer, TV, game system, clothing, etc. MADE IN U.S.A. by US companies?

BREAKING NEWS: We live in a World Economy.


An American flag made in China is about as American as you can get.


@eraten: Where in Illinois is there a 9.5% tax rate? The state rate is 6.25. I don't know of any municipality with 3.25% tacked on, but I guess I shouldn't doubt it.


@bsmith1: China's so cheap because we basically get to export all of our manufacturing pollution for free. In the long run, that's not so good for us and definitely bad for them. Have you seen the Google Maps satellite view of Beijing? Looking through a very thick haze of particulates. Would never want to live there.

That said, I don't really pay attention to country of origin. I would pay more for better quality merchandise, but all domestic manufacturers appear to be competing primarily by price.


pretty sure if you right your congressmen they will give you a free flag about once a year. I am fairly certain my grandfather does this every june.


I look for certain manufacturing qualities in a flag. I won't buy a cheap, printed piece of cloth. I expect the stripes and the blue field to be pieced together, and I expect the stars to be heavily embroidered. I want the entire flag to be heavy-duty nylon with a heavy-duty strip down the left side so the grommets will be well anchored.

So far (35+ years) I've been able to find all those qualities in flags made in America, especially since I don't look at price as the first (or second or even third) factor, but I have no particular aversion to buying an American flag made in another country.


@philosopherott: I can't find any information on any such program. Perhaps it's something your grandfather's congressional rep does for his/her constituents, although it would be an awfully expensive program to do regularly. Can you find any further details on it?


@philosopherott: Is your grandfather a veteran by any chance ? Maybe that has something to do with it ?


I did find that there's a program that lets you buy flags that have flown over Washington through your congress rep. Maybe this guy's just paying the cost himself for what few constituents actually write in for one.


You can generally request flags flown over the capitol from your representatives for various reasons, and some are nice enough to just do it for whatever. For example, I received one by request once I achieved my Eagle Scout rank at no cost. They're easy to get for that, the Girl Scout Gold Award, or other big events like 50th anniversaries and the like.

Double check with your representative to get one, but at least big events they're generally at no cost and the representative's office is happy to help you out.


If buying from eBay... A Chinese businessman probably contributes a larger percentage of his money to America than Wal-Mart does.
What if the flag was made in America, shipped to China then sold back to us? Chinese entrepreneurs aren't America's enemy. If you really care about where your money goes you have to think deeper than country of manufacture, deeper than who is selling. You need to follow the money river down all of it's veins if you want to control your money after it leaves you.

I just posted the same deal but not on eBay. I have not bought one but am not in the market for a flag. American made would be my great preference for quality.

There are cheaply made American flags made by non-profits. I would donate to disabled veterans and pass on the cheap flag if it was not offensive to do so. A tattered american flag is a disgrace but no flag when you need one is worse.


I am much less likely to buy a US flag made in another country - but it comes down to quality. If the foreign made flag is better quality? That beats a Made in the USA tag. If we want to be competitive, we have to hold up our end of the bargain - be the best. If we aren't, then it would be foolish to support a sub-par product.


you peeps are missing the point here. this is the symbol of the USA. Shouldnt this one think be made in america??????If it was a muslim flag made in china there would be a jihad. It is un American for citizens of the USA not to buy an American flag. All you illegals who posted can STFU and go back where you came from. Time for the USA to be number 1 again homies.