questionslooking for a lightweight, durable and good in…


I am not sure what you are looking for but I am not lightweight, but I am durable and good in rain person. : /
Quick edit it to add tent!


I have a REI Camp Dome 2, but honestly I'm even looking for something lighter than that (that is still in tent-style, not bivy sacks or tarps).

Good luck! :) I hope that helps a little.


Okay, call me an idiot, but why do you need to use a tent inside? Does your roof leak?


We just got the Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 2.1 Tent for a great deal off of Steep and Cheap. We haven't used it yet, but seems to be excellent quality. It is a tighter 2 person, we'll most likely sleep head to toe, but it has 2 doors and 2 vestibules, should be adequate for our bags. Comes in around 4lbs without the foot print. We're taking it out this summer for a week long backpacking trip.


Definitely go with 2 doors, and 3 person for 2 people. My two person is tiny (although light) and not comfortable for two larger males. I have the Alps Zephyr 3 and I have been digging it. Good for the summer and got a wicked deal on the steep and cheap ($75 I think). Good luck!


I am not sure on the tent, as we have a Eureka Copper Canyon for my husband, me and my danes. It is really big and heavy. We use hammocks for for backpacking.

What I have to add is: McNett Tent Sure will keep the tent floor and sides water proofed. We also use Camp Dry on the kids tents, and it works well with Seam Sealer.
I think the Camp Dry was cheaper at the Academy by me then anywhere else, last time, but you can check. They even carry it at WalMart along with seam sealers -most work well enough, but the tape kind is a pain.
Good Luck and have fun out there.


Alps Mountaineering Equinox 2 tent, or the REI brand Half Dome tent.

Great thing about REI is the return policy for a purchase like this. I have used the REI Sierra Dome tent for years now without issue. Even slept in it on the snow this weekend, it was plenty warm and waterproof.


@barnabee: Because we have people staying over and I thought it would be funny to setup a tent for them.

I will use it for outdoors but I wanted to use it for housing someone before I use it outside.


@prettywootprincess: Well, I guess that's one way to keep guests from overstaying their welcome!


Last summer, I bought this tent expecting it to be a cheap walmart tent:

Surprisingly, it is a good tent for the money. Two out of the three times we went camping last summer, it rained. We huddled five people in there during a massive thunderstorm, and while it was definitely not comfortable, we all stayed dry. We've never had problems with more than the occasional drop or two that would sneak in. I never bothered to waterproof the seams, so if you were to seal them it would probably be even more watertight. Do yourself a favor and buy higher quality tent stakes than the ones that come with this one (or most tents, really) because you're going to be shaking your fist when you try to stake it down in dry ground. I wouldn't suggest it for more than 3 people.

Plus, I keep it in my basement when we're not camping because it's a fun place to take a nap: (that's a twin mattress in there)


If you're looking for a general camping tent that you are not going to be backpacking with, I suggest the Coleman Sundome 9x7. It has been my staple tent for years (Well, I've been using the original 7x7, but the 9x7 gives room for 2 with gear.). $69.97 at Campmor

If you're looking for backpacking lightweight, then I suggest the Eureka Apex 2. It reasonably comfortably fits 2 and when split between two people is very very light. We used this on a 50 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail in 2007. $94.97 at Campmor or the larger fly Apex 2 XT for $139.99 at Campmor or the three person Apex 3 XT for $159.97 at Campmor

BTW, Campmor is an Awesome reputable dealer I've been using for YEARS!