questionswhat happened to the local.woot?


But did it ever really exist.....really?


There were never enough locations. Philly, Houston, Chicago, LA all could have used these especially for those going on vacation to those places. Orlando would have been a good one...


Did anyone ever actually use it?


Perhaps I am off base, but it seems like whenever companies roll out this sort of thing they only bother with really big cities, big markets. The problem is, these big cities already have a crapload of cool stuff, so the latest cool thing is just one of a lot of cool things and ends up getting less use than it would in a smaller market where people have fewer choices.


I'm surprised it has lasted this long. I would have expected that Woot would have either expanded it (which they haven't because it probably isn't very profitable and there is tons of competition in that space) or killed it entirely.


It was working the first time I clicked your link. @cengland0: now the link still works but the towns are 404


Not a farewell, just a forced redirect.

It's true, Local.Woot is no longer, but please don't despair.
Never-ending savings are still to be found on Deals.Woot each and every day, so come on in. Don't think of it as a time for tears. Think of it as a way to bring us all closer together under one roof.

RIP as fk


Local.Woot shall rise again!


I always appreciated you guys who came over to chat with me on NYC Local. I hope to keep seeing you around the rest of the site now and then.


@slydon: I enjoyed your daily topics. i kinda saw this coming when it became just the 3-4 of us on any given conversation, though :\

Maybe resurrected one day as a regional section of deals.woot?


As great as woot is, Amazon has the scale and name necessary to pull off something like that on an effective scale. And so they do. Leave daily (and now weekly) deals to woot and pick up the local stuff on


@slydon: I came late, but it was good times nonetheless.

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