questionsdoes anyone use ting? can you tell me a good…


I do not have it. Never heard of it until now. I have Sprint, so this interests me. Thanks for letting me know about Ting. Seems like a very good deal !
I could probably cut my bill in half.

Problem is old phones. 1 would be great to bring over ( My parents , who are best w/ the phone they have )
I would like a new phone, but the choices of phones out there are overwhelming, so I have done nothing. -- Plus didn't want to resign a contract w/ Sprint.

Sorry I can't answer your Question. But you helped me out w/ provider info. Thanks !


I switched to Ting two months ago with no regrets. Went from a 2-phone Sprint family plan of $160 (including taxes/fees) to $52 including taxes/fees. This month looks to be about $35. I almost never user 3/4G, so there is just no point in me spending $100 more for unlimited anything.
I brought over an EVO 4G and an LG Optimus S. The LG is a small pocket-sized smartphone, but weak compared to today's phones. The EVO is much larger, but I certainly got used to it quickly.
Since you asked about Ting I'm going to throw out a shameless referral link:
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@ceagee: Keep your phones for now. Just bring them to Ting: