questionshave you noticed on sellout.woot that when an…


I just noticed that and came here to ask something similar.

Glad to see I'm not going crazy.

vote-for15vote-against shows that it's happened a couple of times already in the past week. I like it.


Cool! It's like a mini-woot-off.


FWIW, if you follow the sites on Twitter, you'll get a tweet when something new goes up.


They did this also on Tech woot October 24, the same day, offering 2 laptops. Sellout was the 23rd and 24th (note that both days were woot-off days). When an item sold out really quickly, they would rarely offer a second item in the past on the same day. This sales method certainly will draw more attention.


I guess that makes it a little more interesting......I'll keep an eye on it more now.


Soooo pretty much we should be urging everyone to buy three of everything on sellout and we could get a whole wootoff feel going everyday?


@chellemonkey: That's a great idea, start buying!

@cowboydann: Crazy is relative, and the feeling like you're going there gets worse as you get older!