questionsam i the only one who skims over deals submitted…


No, I don't skim over them, but as they grow in number I may start doing so.


For me, browsing the deals is kind of like being at a supermarket.

I know I'm always going to check on the food and drinks (and their respective brands) that I like the most every time.
Subsequently, I end up seeing hundreds of other things briefly while I'm walking around. Every once in a while, something catches my eye. If I like it, I will then continue to check for it specifically, periodically, regardless of brand quality.

I hope I didn't lose anyone in the analogy.


There will always be a new member that will step in a post a deal when "old" members stop. A lot of "old" members have either posted less or stopped posting deals over the tags issue. Since deals that were always very popular now go unseen with the tags being changed you will see a lot more deals from members that would have gone unnoticed for good or bad. It seems new members love DVD's....


I don't pay attention to triangle color when viewing the deals posted.

I picture shop and if it is an item that seems like a good deal or find interesting, I will check it out. If the deal is good, I will rally my minions to help bring it to the attention of others, no matter who posted the deal.

I have always felt this site should be about the deals and not the reputation of those posting the deals.


I don;t pay any attention at all to who posted a deal or what color their triangle is when looking at deals. If it's something of interest I look at it and if not I cruise on by.


I will admit that a â–˛ by the poster's name makes me give it an extra look; however, there are also great deals posted by other colored triangles. I look at all of them and bypass the ones that don't interest me.


N00bs can post good deals, and black triangles can post turkeys. I looks at deals all the same.


Ah grasshopper, where would the black triangle be if it were not for white triangles?


@xdavex: Understood.. but it seems to me personally that the crap deal percentage for black triangles is extremely low compared to non-submitted deals.


New to this and not seeing action on posts of really good deals... How do you get more action to your posts? I ask here cause of the color question and being a RED triangle wondering if its hurting our action. All our deals are real and killer products.