questionshow to add goods on shirt.woot?


That's an actual site that woot manages. They design or get the community to design shirts and prints them for people to purchase. You cannot sell your own products or post any other deals on that part.

If you have a site that is offering good deals on shirts, you can always post them on That is the appropriate place to put them.


Your best bet may be to bribe the right Woot! employee.

Not sure which one that would be, maybe you should bribe 'em all!

Good luck.


@un4gvn1: They'd have to bribe all of them. Most will rethink the process after the security guards, but should one be undeterred, know that the staffers get progressively more and more expensive.

Think Fibonacci numbers. So by the time you get to Snapster, you will have successfully put yourself, your kids, your future grand kids, and your future grand-grandkids fully into debt.

At that stage, you'll be cleared to suggest your deal; WootBot will take over the posting of it from there.