questionsdid you hear that amazon cloud player now does…


This is the coolest thing I heard all day! I always had the red hot chili peppers on my computer but couldn't play them on my cell phone. The Hoff loves to rock, and now he can do it wherever he is. I almost shed a tear knowing all my fans can now listen to me wherever they are: at the gym, in the park, on a plane, at the beach, in the city, while camping and anywhere you can think of.


Wow they just added 174 songs from past purchases. I have no idea what I'll find in there so it's a little like christmas.

There may be a little embarrassment in there too. I think I bought a Go-Gos album at some point that I've been trying to forget. Who knows what other dirty secrets will surface.


Awesome! :::goes away to check collection:::


WooHoo 130 past MP3 Purchases!


er did anybody also see this

Your Account Is Changing

You've been enjoying a free promotional subscription to Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. After it ends, you will be limited to 250 imported songs in Cloud Player.

When you upgrade to Cloud Player Premium for $25 per year, you can import up to 250,000 songs. Upgrade before your promotional subscription ends and get 50 GB of Cloud Drive storage at no additional cost.