questionsstumped akinator?


He a lot of trouble with Cornfed from Duckman - he kept guessing pigs, just not the right ones heh.. Whole lotta Porky Pig..


Wow, Cornfed, does stump it good pretty good. I stumped it for awhile with Blanka from Street Fighter, but it got it eventually.

No need to try Michael Knight, KITT, Marty McFly, Captain Sisko, Mario, Master Chief, Duncan MacLeod, Optimus Prime, Gladiator Maximus...

Edit: HA, I actually stumped it, I ended up going to a screen to enter my choice! Troy (Evie's Father) from Out of this World, lol. Suck it Akinator! Whoohoo, take that computer! +1 for humanity! I'm only...1-15 Hate this game (not really).


What is the fish from The Cat in the Hat?

... Suck it, Trebek!


He finally got Robert Heinlein, but it did take a couple incorrect guesses and I continued until it got it right. What a weird quirky little "game".


lol, this program is quite impressive, seriously! Answer questions related to a singer whose favorite day is Friday and jewels like this appear...

Is your character a singer? / Yes
Is your character a teenager? / Yes
Is your character a female? / Yes
Is your character famous for being widely disliked? / lol, Yes
Is your character looking forward to the weekend? / LMAO, Yes
Is your character black-haired? / Yes

I think of Rebecca Black(Singer) / OMG! Yes! ^_^


@sykotek: haha...yeah, and you can tell when he's already guessed your character and is just f-ing with you.. "Is your character looking forward to the weekend?"

I knew it had Schultz when it asked me if my character was fat and German :)


@sykotek: When I read "Is your character looking forward to the weekend" I burst out laughing


Holy crap! I was thinking Mortimer (Wootcast) and on the 3rd try he guessed a Woot Monkey. "Character played 149 times."


@skippykj: lol, that's impressive. I tried to keep it pseudo-famous, I figured if it wasn't something really well-known it was a waste of time...but I've been surprised at how good it was.

Oh, another one he had trouble with was Sheriff from Squidbillies :)

Obviously I've realized now that he could guess your 3rd grade teacher's name if you give him enough info :D


Jessup Dolly from Winter's Bone. Akinator couldn't figure it out and I had to add him after several failed attempts.

He's a tough one because you never see what he looks like but is talked about the whole movie. (He's the missing dad)


Adair from Upright Citizens Brigade
The name was on the selectable list after Akinator couldn't guess it.
"Well done! But I was pretty close, I will do better next time." Said with a smug look.
I think I have a new favorite time killing phone game. I even like this better than Angry Birds.


It had a hard time guessing Adam Carolla for me. Guess cause he kinda sorta wears so many different hats.

Is he an actor... yes, but not really.
Is he famous from TV... yes, but not so much as radio.
Is he funny.... Um....


I got it with the blob from Super putty on SNES :)


It just guessed Cool Spot (The 7-Up Mascot :D)

The funny thing? It shows a picture of a damn genie lamp in his place lol...

It also got Kevin Pereira - unfortunately, pretty much every other G4/AOTS host seems to come up as him too haha


It gets HolyMythos every once in a while; it's kinda hit or miss on me.


How many guesses does he get before he's officially stumped? He always just keeps on guessing with me.

It took a while, but Akinator figured out that I was thinking of Mortimer Brewster from Arsinic and Old Lace.


@purplefeather: Online it's normally around 40-50, but yesterday on the App I went a good 90 and he kept going.


I have defeated akinator because he has no idea who the meme karate kyle is, even though he knows other memes like courage wolf or slenderman, im gonna check unwanted house guest... memes ftw!