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I have heard some decent wireless rear speakers, but have never heard a decent wireless sub-woofer or wireless main speaker system (yet)... I am not an audio expert, but my opinion is that if you want good sound, you should have a decent wired sub-woofer, stereo speakers and center channel (Or a decent sound-bar + wired sub)

However, wireless systems have been getting a lot better. Here is an article that seems somewhat recent and informative:


@josefresno: Thanks for the link to the article. It would be just two rear speakers. We just rearranged the area and forgot about trying to incorporate the back speaker wires. Thanks again for the article, it was very helpful.


I have this set and highly recommend it. You can incorporate any rear speakers that take speaker wire:

I paired my wireless kit with these and they work great:

But if you already have the speakers you can just use the ones you have.

Hope this helps!


I tried to go with wireless rear channels a while ago, but there was no transmitter that was powerful enough, so either they were too quiet or I'd crank it up and I'd get a hissing sound when the TV was off. I tried various solutions for about a year before giving up and just going back to wired which sounds infinitely better.


@thefenst: Thank you- we did see this and thought this might be the best option. It is good to know someone has something good to say about it. I think we might give this one a shot. Thanks again- gives me more confidence in making that purchase.

@antipode: Thats what I was afraid of- unfortunately, we are very picky when it comes to our home entertainment set-up and know the difference between what sounds good, what is par and what sounds like total crap. We will give the Rocketfish a go and see what comes of it. Overall, I haven't really seen any reviews that said they were bad. Thanks for your input.