questionswhat are quality posts?


When over on woot itself or any of the other woot sites such as home, sport, kids, etc, there is an area to "Discuss this deal". When you add a comment in that section, if the mods like it, they will turn it in to a "Quality Post". These are the posts you see at the top of the discussion and the ones that scroll while you are looking at the main item for sale on the other woot sites. These are ususally witty comments or ones that give value to the item being sold.


Well that makes a whole lot of sense! Thank you for clearing up my confusion.


(Example)...These Bacon flavored Bucky Balls really bring out the essence of the bacon, plus they really stick to your ribs!


@mamajamerson: It's a mystery. Some claim they know, but nobody really knows. I think @lmensor is on the right track, but when it comes down to it, QP's are a result of whatever the mods deem as quality. It's like knowing what's on the other side of a black hole...there's some speculation, but until someone's all still speculation.


From the main Woot FAQ linked at the bottom of the Woot pages:

What are Quality Posts and who decides what gets named a Quality Post?
Our crack community team does its best to pierce through the din and elevate the most interesting and informative comments about each deal. And their best is very, very good. Turn to the QPs listed in the first post of each discussion thread for the cream of the comments.


@bingo969: Well then, there's the problem. I was searching FAQs here on the Community Deals side. I didn't even think to look at that one.



@niloc225: Thank you for the links. I feel like I understand now.

I also feel like a loser because I wasn't able to find those on my own. I swear that search feature did not exist yesterday when I was trying to figure this out for myself. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)