questionswould you purchase an appliance online?


My kitchen is 6x6. The biggest fridge I can put in there is 9cf. These are very hard to find. I wanted one with a separate door for the freezer (as opposed to opening the big door and there being another door inside for the freezer) and frost-free. These are all-but-nonexistent. Of course there were none localy, but I found a Maytag online that fit the bill perfectly. Fortunately, there was a Maytag store locally, where I'd already been asking for what I needed and been told there was no such thing. I printed out eh information on the one I wanted and went there to ask them to order it for me. He looked it up on his computer and lo and behold, they had one in their warehouse. Idiots. The most annoying part is I have to pay about $600 for these little things with no features, and I walk past gorgeous full-sized fridges with all kinds of bling for that much in the store. Wish I had a bigger kitchen!


I would, depending on the web sites return policy and warranty.


I purchased a Frigidaire-16.7 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer-Frost-Free-(White) online as it was the cheapest price anywhere (local or online) back in 2008. It's still working flawlessly.


I don't have a truck and the delivery fees are rather hard to justify. So I ended up purchasing my washer and dryer on Amazon and got free shipping. The cost on the website was actually cheaper than any of the retailers locally. (Amazon is a well oiled machine)

I figured if anything was wrong with it, I would not return it but would call in the warranty. I'm that jackass who goes to Best Buy, picks out the TV I like, but then buy it online.


Not sure that I would purchase online. Have searched online and found the fridge I needed, then found it locally. It was a specific size & not available in most stores. Ditto a washer & dryer...searched online, found a really good buy at Homedepot and went there in person.

Both of the above stories were not problem-free. The store where I bought the fridge had a really bad salesperson/manager. Lots of mishaps. LOTS. I'll just say this, I would never shop at at Florida store called direct appliance (reverse the names) again.

The washer/dryer was supposed to be free use of a HD van w/HD's credit card. Seems my card was not valid. I had not used it in 2 years, so they cancelled it. Without my knowledge. Ah well, the rental of HD's truck was $27. Worth it. Have purchased on-line from them; will again.


If i knew what i needed, absolutely. If i were iffy on size, shape, color matching, or other variables - then no.


I would buy a time machine online then I would travel back in time and do mischievous things that would annoy serious scientists. A foot print here, an abacus in a fossil bed there and a dinosaur brought in to the present ... etc.


If it's what you're looking for, and a good price, I wouldn't let the fact that it's an online purchase sway me. You're covered by amazon's 30 day return policy. You may lose shipping costs though.

Every product we offer is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return the unused product for a refund, less applicable shipping costs. If for any reason you are unhappy with any product you have purchased from us, you may return it for a full refund (less shipping and handling).

All of your purchases at are covered by our 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

as for the guys recently diminishing feedback - not sure maybe he drop ships a lot of things and one of his vendors was slow? you could look @ the comments and see if the neg fb was for one certain type of items or all items across the board.


I just bought a lawn mower (I know, not an appliance) recently, and went through the same sort of thing. I wound up buying it from an orange big box store, rather than online. My thought was that if something goes wrong, I want to be able to take it back immediately.

Side note: Hit stump within one hour of unboxing. This weekend I get to replace blades, crankshaft, or both. :-(

Anyhow, being able to return it to the store was one consideration. With an appliance, do you need to have it installed? (Not doubting your mechanical skills, just putting this out there.) Do you need the old one removed? It can be really nice to have someone else show up and have to deal with all that stuff!

Also, if no one else around stocks or sells Speed Queen, are you going to be able to get service if you need it? What does the warranty specify? Again, points to consider. If you do your own repairs, how easy are the parts to get?

Good luck - traded laptop for washer when I needed one.


I wouldn't be afraid to purchase an appliance online as long as the manufacturer's warranty is good. Some manufacturers have good service, some don't.


Here's what I did. I went to Lowes, saw what I wanted, wrote the model number down. I went to ebay and bought a 10% off coupon for 1.99 that I could use online. I bought the garbage disposal on line, clicked free in store pick up and save 15.00, minus the 2 I spent on the coupon, picked it up about an hour later. No hassle, no looking for help, walked up to the counter and they handed it to me within 2 minutes. We did the same thing a few months ago with a Dryer, save 47 dollars this way too.