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It has been a very long time since I had anything to say here, but you've drawn me out. I'm a bit puzzled by this concern for a place that (as far as I know) you didn't even know existed a bit more than a year ago. It's true that Woot has changed, as we all must change, but some of the things you're speaking of are of such recent vintage that I feel a necessity, somehow, to point them out.

The five dollar all day shipping was something that appeared briefly, and is now gone. From the beginning (with a brief period otherwise), it's been $5 for each purchase made. It used to be true that you could only buy from 1 to 3 items, but I've seen even that limitation lifted recently, on a few items (notably some Moofi items). Two for Tuesday vanished long before you created your account. Side Deals have been gone for years.

Take a deep breath. Things will be better.


I do hear what you're asking. The question is does woot care? My guess is they do not. They've gone off in another direction. One that they chose. Little (read: nothing) that we say will change that.


The only thing good left here is deals.woot. And even then, there's not much incentive to post here anymore.

I just posted a deal for the first time in weeks today. But only after posting it on slickdeals first.


@taylorswift: Pardon me for being puzzled... But, you said, "It has been a very long time since I had anything to say here, but you've drawn me out." Oddly, I do not see any comments, deals, votes, purchases, etc. under your name. Perhaps, you have another one? Your points about shipping, etc. are interesting. And, true in some cases.

IMO, a deep breath won't help. If "Things will be better," please enlighten me on how you think that will happen. I'd love to hear it. Would also love to see that happen.


@gmwhit: Right on man. Noticed the same thing. @taylorswift, zero woots and zero quality posts makes your retort seem a bit hollow.


@taylorswift: I kind of liked the semi woot that was when I joined but now it looks like the writing is on the wall. Unless woot intentionally disabled paypal, a thing that is possible but unlikely with the loss of revenue it would mean, I believe that paypal may have put woot on probation or some such term for some type of infraction. The other item is the super expensive Maurice lacroix watches that claim to have a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Woot is not an authorized reseller of these watches as far as I can tell.
I don't expect much of a warranty on woot but when items cost $2K and there is a warranty listed on the sales description. Upscale watch companies don't honor warranties from discount store purchases.


@mybestuser1: Please try to not take the down votes on your question personally. Some of us (Me, okay?) know that this is a dead horse. Many have asked similar questions. And lament the loss of the 'old woot.'

Bottom line...woot has changed. Drastically. They do not care that some may miss the "old" woot. Old woot=Dead. New woot, in their eyes" is *better. Better suited to their current game plan. Agree or not, it is the way it is. <---So hate that phrase, but it's seems to fit here.


@zuiquan: I apologize to @taylorswift. Did not check questions answered. S/he did answer 3 previous questions before this one.


@taylorswift said "Yes, I made this account just to comment on things anonymously. No, I am not woot staff. Yes, I am female (not that it should matter). No, I do not know @kanye_west. Yes, I may be around to comment now and again" previously. Makes You wonder how many accounts she has.


dammit, can't turn on a radio station without hearing taylor swift, and now I can't even read a question without her popping in to answer.


Woot sold out to Amazon. Two for Tuesday was the best


@kamikazeken: Here is some Taylor Swift antidote.
Sorry about the preceding commercial.


@taylorswift: "I'm a bit puzzled by this concern for a place that (as far as I know) you didn't even know existed a bit more than a year ago."

While true that OP has never seen Classic Woot, what OP HAS figured out is how to post pandering 'questions' intended to inflate one's reputation score.

Phase 1: Bitch about the death of Woot (even if you weren't here for it).

Phase 2: ???

Phase 3: Profit.


@gmwhit: "@zuiquan: I apologize to @taylorswift. Did not check questions answered. S/he did answer 3 previous questions before this one."

Pfftttt. I can't get too concerned about some twit who creates an anon account so she can pop off without any consequences. Either she's an active, visible member of the community or she's not. Since she's not -- under her current name -- she's no more of an entity than any other shill.

(No, I don't consider three comments three years ago to make her a member of the AtC community, and I notice that she or someone else has thoughfully deleted the comment in which she apparently acknowledged she's an invisible, shilling entity.)


@magic cave: I do not want this to be misconstrued. I made only one comment. No other comment of mine (or anyone else's, as far as I can tell) in this thread has been deleted. I am not a shill (I do not, and have not, ever pushed any product). This account was originally created when Ms Swift was much younger, albeit still a bit over-exposed. I liked her then because she did her best to remain above the fray. I dislike direct confrontation, and in a group where any answer that disagrees with an another's opinion is immediately downvoted, I thought it best to answer from an account that clearly cannot.

No one (to my knowledge) is deleting comments. You may be thinking that Ms Mybestuser1 was quoting something I'd said here. It was from the first comment I ever made.

This is the post that quote is from:


@stile99: I have never sold on or profited from woot. None of the deals I Woot are mine. The only benefit I get from Woot is being able to buy items at a large discount and enjoying deals woot . Now that paypal is gone and what woot sells seems to be aiming for upscale buyers I decided to ask this question even though I thought it would get deleted for being controversial.


@mybestuser1: I'm pretty sure @stile99 was using the internet meme to illustrate a point rather than implying you were actually somehow generating revenue from this question.


@kamikazeken: Careful, or she will write a song about you.


@taylorswift: said "Take a deep breath. Things will be better." and She was right, I have missed 3 purchases on woot that would have totaled about $400, because the lack of Paypal and I feel much wealthier.


Looks like Paypal is back for some wooters. If I understand it only those who had it previously like I do can use it.