questionsis kohl's cash a deal or not?


Is it Kohl's cash that requires an additional purchase later? For example, $10 off of a $50 purchase? Perhaps I'm thinking of another retailer. We did get some Kohl's cash this year but we never used it. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why we didn't.

Kohl's is notorious for overpricing their items and having perpetual sales. It's a clever marketing scheme. I can't tell you how many times I've overheard people say "I'm going to go ahead and get this because it's 50% off!"

I don't mind their gimmick, because they do have quality clothes and housewares for a decent price. Just don't fall for their scheme and you're good.


Kohl's normal prices are high, which offsets the Kohl's cash discount. It all balances out. I don't even walk in the store without at least a 20% off card and some Kohl's cash.


It all balances out, but their method assures you'll keep coming back if you want to make the most of it. And I can say, it works. :)

A thrift shop I frequent here does a similar thing - you get a coupon for use the following week with various discounts on different days. It keeps ya coming back!


THe Kohls Cash is same as Dollars, but you have to use it on your next trip. the best place I've found to search for deals at Kohls is literally the clearance rack. The styles in said rack are apparently "last seasons" but since I'm a guy, shirt/tie/pants is never going out of style. I've picked up a couple passable sport coats for $30 a pop from the clearance rack, along with some nice dress shirts for $5 each from the rack.


It depends, if you are coupon savvy and keep your eye on their sales they allow coupon stacking with an even deeper discount if you have/use a Kohls card. Kohls also allows price matching with the coupon stacking on top of it.

You can absolutely deal ninja some bargains there but you have to work for it.

That said, Kohls cash is not a deal unless you're prepared to spend the extra time to wait for something you want to go on sale or have the patience to seek out and price match, then stack the coupons, etc etc.

It takes a lot of patience and advance deal ninja skills to get a great price at Kohls but it can be done and you can get real steals if you hit the trifecta (price matching/coupons-stacked/Kohls cash)


I think it's a deal. Work the sales, which go on ALL the time. Whenever i go there I know exactly what I'm looking for though, and plan out what I'm going to buy now and what to go back and buy with the Kohl's cash.


It's a deal if you plan on going back soon enough to use it. Also, be wary of accepting it on items you purchase to give as gifts. If you or the recipient return an item and you received Kohl's cash on that transaction, they deduct the amount of the Kohl's cash from the value of the return, whether you have used the Kohl's cash or not.


My wife loves her Kohl's cash. I hate the Kohl's cash.

She loves it because she'll go shopping because she has $X in Kohl's cash. I hate it because she ends up spending $X over the amount of Kohl's cash she has. But, to her credit, she buys things that are on sale or clearance, so I guess it's kinda, sorta, OK. I just see it as shopping she otherwise wouldn't go do at all, if she didn't have the Kohl's cash.


Does it expire?
Like gift cards that go splat after a year. :(
Or does it hold it's value in perpetuity?


It has an expiration date on it, but the people at our local Kohl's say that you can bring it in and use it anyway, and I know people who have done that after it expired.


I got a down coat for $100 which is about what I expected to pay, then with my $20 of Kohls cash I got a free Apples to Apples game! I don't know if that's a good deal or not but it sure was fun to get something free. :D


@dcpotts: Yes, I think you only have a few weeks to use the Kohls cash before it expires.


One thing I like about Kohls Cash is that you can use it online too. The online option gives you a wider variety of products, including clothing sizes and styles, that are not available in-store (at least, not in my area). You can also earn Kohls Cash on online purchases. Even better, you can use Kohls Cash with other discounts and on clearance stuff, so it can go a long way. But an instant coupon, with discount applied to the purchase you're making at the time, would be an improvement.


#1 anyone who pays kohls regular non-sale price for ANYTHING they sell is a moron.
#2 if you break your purchases up into smaller transactions (than $50) you can usually do better with $10 off $20 coupons or similar deals that can be combined with %-off deals.


I always shop the clearance racks at my local Kohl's and online when possible. Clearance plus stacked coupons plus earning Kohl's cash is a great deal. I scored almost all of my children's Christmas for under $300, received an additional $75 in Kohl's cash and bought myself some Christmas. I never pay retail, anywhere I shop and Kohls is no exception. Tony Hawk dress shirts for the kids? $4 a piece, after coupons $3.60.

BTW, redeeming Kohl's cash online sucks because they make will not let you use coupon codes before the cash is redeemed. My $75 kohl's cash + 30% off coupon didn't save much money. I only got a dollar off the $4 of so out of pocket I spent.


You need to understand how the deals work at Kohl's (it isn't complicated, just requires reading). Plus you need to stay away unless you have at least a 20% coupon.

Kohl's cash is usually given at a rate of $10 per $50 spent. If you spend $99, you get $10 for later. if you spend a dollar more, you get $20 for later. The Kohl's cash has to be used before it expires (though some people have been able to use it after expiration).

If you spend $120 and get $20 for later, but then return something from the original purchase, you MAY lose some of the Kohl's cash. (Depends on how much the return is for: if it is less than $20, then you keep all of the Kohl's cash, if it is more, then you lose some of the Kohl's cash. If you've already spent the Kohl's cash, the $10 or $20 comes off of the item you're returning.

Kohl's always has something useful (underwear and socks, kitchen gadgets, etc.) and with a 20%-30% discount, plus the Kohl's cash, it is generally well worth it to shop there.


kohls cash is claimed to work just like cash, however it isn't. Kohls cash, like a previous member said, functions like a coupon online and is no different in store. if you use a %off coupon, the %off is after kohls cash off of the total. Objects purchased with kohls cash and returned are issued a merchandise credit. that's a hint for u saavy types.


Kohl's Cash can be a very good deal. It all depends on how much of a smart shopper you are. Kohl's Cash is a coupon obviously, you earn $10($15 during 2011 Black Friday) for every $50 you spend (after discounts/coupons & before taxes. So if you're smart, you'll purchase from the clearance racks & shelves. You should never pay full price for anything. Also, always shop with coupons. If you sign up for their email alerts, they OFTEN email you about their sales and will also occasionally email you %off coupons 15% or 20% and they'll also tell you when you can earn Kohl's Cash. If you have a Kohl's Charge you probably also get those coupons and even 30% off & dollar off coupons, but not everyone wants their credit card with high interest rates.
So, look for the good deals and try to have percent off coupons and know when they're offering Kohl's Cash because you can't earn it everyday.

So, now you have your Kohl's Cash and you are ready to spend it. WAIT!!!! will continue.......


@waffles92: continued. sorry, I ran out of characters.
So before you spend that Kohl's Cash that you earned just be aware that it is applied before any % off coupons that you may have.
ex: say you earned $40 Kohl's Cash & you want to buy a $50 skillet. $50 - $40- 20%($2) = $8

There is a way to get 20% off the $50 first!
All you have to do is find something for like $45 (Mens shoes maybe?) with your $40Kohl's Cash and the remainder at your own expense. At the end of the sale you will have spent your $40 Kohl's Cash and you will have a receipt, take the item & receipt to customer service return it and you will get your $40 back in the form of a Kohl's Merchandise Credit!
That Merch credit will never expire (unlike the Kohl's Cash)
So go get that $50 skillet, give them your 20%off coupon then your $40 in Merch. Credit! Now you will get the full %20 off the item
So, now it ends up being:

SAY TAX is 8.75%
$50 - 20%= 40+Tax - 40MerchCredit = $3.50!

instead of
$50- $40 - 20% = $8.70


@waffles92: Kohl's has stopped allowing coupons on orders that include Kohl's merchandise credit. Therefore, that strategy won't work any more :(