questionsanyone else play dominion?


We love Dominion! I got my wife the Prosperity expansion for Christmas, it adds new action and victory cards. There is also an Alchemy expansion that adds some cool cards.

Have you heard of Munchkin?


@jeremytheindian: I've heard of it but never played it.

Isotropic sponsors a great online dominion site with all the expansions, though I only have Intrigue, the original, and Prosperity myself.


Just got it for Christmas but haven't had a chance to play it yet!


from the title I thought you were talking about League of Legends: Dominion the video game... never heard of the card game

@jeremytheindian: My wife and I enjoy playing Munchkin Quest(the board game version) with friends. I have never played the card game however


@justincredibleg: @figger3036: You guys should try it out. It's a blast, it takes a while to learn but it's hilarious.


It's a wonderful game! First played after Christmas this year (my husband got dominion and the prosperity expansion for Christmas) ... since then we have also got intrigue and seaside. It's sooooo much fun - we like how every game is different and how the game appeals to a wide variety of people aka card players board game lovers simple gamers to strategics