questionsdoes the "new woot" accept @jumbowoot coupons…


All coupons should be accepted as long as they are not expired. Likely there is probably a glitch with the coupon system. A staff member can manually apply the discount. So make your order, then send an email to or use the write-us form and ask for the coupon to be applied to your order. Don't forget to include your coupon code and order #.


there was talk on this topic yesterday, but i don't remember anything beyond "we are looking into it".

i love the reasoning behind getting this item!


@moosezilla: Sorry, I know that I shouldn't buy this for that reason, but it would be funny.


@jsoko: Thanks for being so fast with the right answer!


Sorry for the dupe guys. I was just frustrated.


@inkycatz: So can I get my Helicopter then? I am talking to a member of staff, so it is all good.


@atd15: i was being serious. i would buy for that reason too if i had pets. i just hadn't thought of it. i meant no sarcasm.


@atd15: Well if you're talking to staff about it, I'm already rooting for you. :)


Well, not only was my $5 coupon NOT applied to my order yesterday, but Woot overcharged me an additional $5 on shipping, too!


@moosezilla: I can give you many pets, how many do you want? lol
I have two stupid labs, and five cats who are taking control over the house.
They are all yours for a flat fee shipping rate.


@jsoko: Thanks, I have. I'm just a little disappointed in my woot experience yesterday. Getting double charged for shipping after spending nearly 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to use a coupon just feels like adding insult to injury. I know the customer service at woot will make things right in the end, but just frustrated in the meantime.


I'm not sure but they should. I wouldn't know...

Spent it on a Red Cape monkey.