questionsdid the moderators realize that the #adq and…


I'm completely lost on the theme deals... care to enlighten those of us who are clueless?


Butt,it's just a tag. What's wrong with that?

Where'd the meme start?


@kristiwsu: theme deals pertain to a particular theme. for example, there have been crab themes, zombie themes, bacon themes and probably some others.

there were complaints from some that didn't want to see the particular theme deals because of one reason or another. so, there was talk about adding the theme tag (e.g. zombie or bacon or whatever) so anyone that didn't want to see them could easily filter them out.

today's theme is butt. but, a mod has been removing the butt tags so there's no way to filter out the butt deals.


@carl669: so how are these themes determined? I feel out of the loop!


@carl669: Sorry, I meant to ask where the butt theme came from, not what theme deals are. Why butts?


@kristiwsu: A long time ago, in a land far away, there was a lovely social media engineer. She lived in a great big castle, with her highly creative prince. Her life was filled with joy, and good deals, yet she longed for the giggles that discussing butts would bring. So one day, she made a fateful arrangement ... in exchange for much discussion of butts ... she would .......


(I kid. We did this on our own... though we do like that it makes her happy.)


@carl669: You forgot the best deal, Cowboy Deals.

That happened when @capguncowboy and I were #1 and #2, and then on Day two we switched places for another day of cowboy deals.


@davidschronic: they just happen. @cowboydann explains how the cowboy theme happened. the butt theme started in woot chat (see here for how to join).

and some just happen by the mystical force of the universe applying itself.


Alright... good! I'm not going crazy. I thought that was weird that almost everything had butt in the title.


Ohhhhhhhh okay, so it is as lame as I thought it was. Good to know.


I think they missed it at first, but caught on later.


@iggz: Of COURSE it's lame. And annoying. THAT is the fun of it. I still think the day Deals got the crabs was the best of all the themes. You have to love a company that not only rolls its collective eyes but then rewards it's very naughty & subversive community members with T shirts.


@lavikinga: I'm not a huge fan of the memes. But I sure like my free crab shirt...


@tsfisch: stay tuned and maybe there will be free butt shirts for everyone.


Boy - did something get started tonight!


@agingdragqueen: Butt....

Would one wear it as a regular shirt on one's torso.....or on one's butt???

I am CERTAIN that (almost all of) my many Woot shirts carry the very specific warning "not for use as pants"....and I'm sorta scared that you'd somehow know if I did that and punish me accordingly....


@reginafilangee: Cut out the tag, and then it's fine. You see, if you block out the W, t, and the !, all that's left is a pair of eyes ... watching.

Besides, if they really didn't want us to wear the shirts as pants, then why do the new blanks have a neckline sized for my waist?


How do you filter out the butts but still have the deals ordered by current rank or popular flow? I don't think doing a "-butts" search works the way I want it to.


No butts bout it, this deals.woot rocks today! =D


@agingdragqueen: I will be so confused with a butt shirt also tagged "not for use as pants." My brain can't handle it!

My butt on the other hand...


Oh boy, a fun day is in store!


Might I suggest a somewhat more generic tag, perhaps #meme ? I don't see a need for different tags for each of the memes, mostly because people who are NOT anti-meme aren't looking to filter the meme deals, while people who ARE anti-meme don't care what the meme is, they consider ALL meme deals to be bad things.

I can understand someone complaining about a #butt tag, but I doubt that anyone (other than a moderator) would mind a #meme tag. And the moderators might leave the #meme tag if they understand why it is there.


I'll suggest the meme tag based on the feedback here, but the final decision isn't mine, so.


hi i'm here for the subtle butt shirts.


@baqui63: A very good point. (In this case we also wanted adq to realize it was for her ... ) I think that should definitely be the plan in the future though.


I too desire a butt shirt. Where's my butt shirt?


I am going to have to start poking in on the chats. I seem to be missing an important part of the community. Darn work schedule interfering with good stuff.

I totally missed the butts, no shirt for me, boo.


@pattiq: Little secret ... Woot Chat is actually running almost 24 x 7 with someone in there most of the time.... Just saying, if you wanted to poke your head in whenever you are free, you may find it interesting.